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Littlejohn's tree frog
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Littlejohn's tree frog or heath frog (Litoria littlejohni) is a frog from Australia. It lives in New South Wales and Victoria. It lives in Western Australia and the Northern Territory.

The male frog grows to 5.0 cm and the female to 7.0 cm. This frog is light brown with darker marks and a dark band down its back and dark stripes from its nose to its armpits. It has a lighter belly. It has orange colouring where its legs meet its body.

This frog lives in forests. It hides in plants and under dead leaves.

This frog lays eggs in streams and swamps. The tadpoles live in slow-moving pools with sunlight.

This frog is in danger in New South Wales because human beings change their forests and streams, because of climate change and because introduced species of fish eat their eggs.

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