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A cosplayer dressed up as the movie version of Wolverine.

Logan is the main character of the 20th Century Fox series of X-Men movies. He was played by Hugh Jackman in six X-Men movies and three solo Wolverine movies from 2000 to 2017.

Fictional biography

James Howlett was born in the 19th century and learned he had claws on each hand. He later participated in several wars.


In the year 2029, Logan retired from being an X-Man and decided to be a cab driver.

  • Hugh Jackman was supposed to make a cameo as Wolverine in 2002's Spider-Man, but the crew couldn't find his X-Men suit.
  • Wolverine's face appears in the extended cut of 2005's Fantastic Four.
  • In 2006's Flushed Away, Roddy (voiced by Jackman) checks his wardrobe and one of his outfits is a Wolverine costume.
  • Wolverine and Hugh Jackman get mentioned constantly by Deadpool in the 2016 movie Deadpool.
  • Archival footage of Hugh Jackman as Logan from X-Men Origins: Wolverine appears in the mid-credits scene of the 2018 movie Deadpool 2 where Deadpool kills his mouthless self to "clean the timeline".


Hugh Jackman's performance of Wolverine has been well-liked since the first movie.

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