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Madang big-eyed tree frog
Conservation status
Scientific classification
  • Nyctimystes disrupta
  • Nyctimystes oktediensis
  • Litoria oktediensis
  • Litoria disrupta

The Madang big-eyed tree frog (Nyctimystes disruptus) is a tree frog from Papua New Guinea. It also used to be called Richard's big-eyed tree frog. Scientists have seen it in mountain ranges in central and eastern New Guinea, though they think it could live in other places as well. They found it 1500 to 2000 meters above sea level.

Scientists say this frog looks a lot like the Papua big-eyed tree frog but with more webbing on its feet and clearer lines on its lower eyelids. This frog has short, broken lines on its lower eyelids. This frog has pupils in its eyes that go up and down and open side to side. It can be many different colors. Scientists have found frogs that are brown with white spots, gray with purple marks and green with brown markings on the back. The adult male frog is about 7.4 cm long and the adult female is about 8.0 cm long.

For a while, scientists thought another group of frogs, Nyctimystes oktediensis, was a separate species, but other scientists say these frogs are also Madang big-eyed tree frogs.

In the local Kaironk language, this frog is called kwyos and gepgep.

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