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Maratus pavonis
Maratus pavonis Jean and Fred Hort 3.jpg
Scientific classification
  • Saitis pavonis Dunn, 1947
  • Maratus pavonis nornalup Baehr & Whyte, 2016

Maratus pavonis (the common peacock spider) is a species of jumping spider (Salticidae), endemic to Australia, where it is found in Western Australia, New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania. The species epithet, pavonis, derives from the Latin, pavo, pavonis, meaning "peacock".

Maratus pavonis

The male holotype is tiny, measuring just 4.34 millimetres (0.171 in). In courtship, males in the Maratus genus extend their elongated third legs, and only the male is so brightly and beautifully coloured.

For its likeness and differences from Maratus splendens, see Otto & Hill (2011).

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