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MayaQuest: The Mystery Trail
Mayaquest Mac Cover.jpg
Macintosh Cover art
Developer(s) MECC
Publisher(s) MECC
Producer(s) Greg Holey
Series The Oregon Trail
Platform(s) Macintosh, Windows 3.x
Release date(s) 1995
Genre(s) Educational
Mode(s) Single-player

MayaQuest: The Mystery Trail (also known as "MayaQuest Trail") is an educational computer game created by MECC and inspired by the actual MayaQuest Expedition. It is a spin-off title of The Oregon Trail series, featuring the lands of Mexico where the Mayan People once lived. While travelling across the lands by bicycle, the player learns all about the ancient culture and history of the indigenous people. The game also contains some Spanish language for additional learning.


For many years the Earth has been protected from incoming meteors by a space network. An incoming meteor in a satellite's path causes a shuttlecraft to be accidentally shot down to the Mexican jungles on Earth with only part of the new laser firing codes transmitted to the Meteor Defense Network. The player is sent to cycle through the jungles to find and recover the code pieces with a limited time before a meteor shower impact.


The game has two modes: Adventure mode and Explore mode. In the Adventure mode, the player has a limited number of days to find four code pieces for the Meteor Defense Network before a meteor shower impact can occur. The player will receive objectives from the Mexican station commander and has to complete them as quickly as possible. In the Explore mode, the player travels around the Mayan ruins to answer the questions of interested contacts before the rainy season begins.

When traveling around Mexico, the player will cycle on a road to the chosen destination. The player must maneuver the bike in a 3D scrolling road environment without going off the edge while avoiding pot holes, logs and other obstacles along the way. Otherwise the player suffers an injury or breaks the bike. If the bike is damaged, the player has the option to get it fixed for a price in one or two places, or else the player must walk, which takes more time. If the player is injured, there are options to rest (which takes up time) or continue in one or more ways.

In a destination, the player can move around by clicking the mouse pointer where it changes to an arrow icon. If the player finds something interesting, the pointer will change into a magnifying glass. The player can also use an overworld map of the destination to travel around quicker. In some places, the player will navigate a maze-like area with a compass and a map. The player also has the option to immediately escape from the maze.

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