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Mazdak (died 524 or 528) was a Persian reformer and religious activist. He became influential under the reign of the Sassanian Shahanshah Kavadh I. He claimed to be a prophet of God, and started communal possessions and social welfare programs.


He was the main representative of set of religious and philiosopical teachings called Mazdakism, which are seen as a reformed version of Zoroastrianism. Some people have argued, his teachings show influences from Manichaeism as well. Zoroastrianism was the dominant religion of Sassanid Persia. Mazdak was a Zoroastrian priest. Most of the Zoroastrian clergy regarded his teaching as a heresy.

There is very little information about Mazdakism. The teaching of Khurramism developed from Mazdakism and can be used to tell certain details about Mazdakism.

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