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A media franchise is a collection of related media, usually in a series based on an original work. This can be as movies, books, television programs, or video games. It generally involves the licensing of intellectual property (IP) to other parties and partners. This is for usually for the purpose of selling related goods. Basically a media franchise is a brand. Valuable franchises can sometimes be worth more than the original product.

A transmedia franchise or multimedia franchise is a kind of media franchise. It consists of cross-marketing across more than one type of medium. An example is American Idol. From the start it was a transmedia franchise. The season-one winner was Kelly Clarkson. She was signed to RCA Records and her first release was an immediate hit. An American Idol book made the bestseller list. American idol contestants went on a nationwide tour and played to sold-out Concert halls. There was even an American idol movie From Justin to Kelly.

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