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Metlink Victoria Proprietary Limited
Type Private
Industry Public transport
When it was created 2003
Headquarters Melbourne, Australia
Area served Metropolitan Melbourne
Things made Public Transport
New Metlink Signage
Metlink signage colour-coded by transport mode

Metlink is the marketing name for all public transport operators' in Melbourne, Australia.


The Metlink brand was introduced in 2003.

Under the new branding, railway station signage and timetables are colour-coded blue, tram stop signs and timetables are green, and the bus network is orange. The regional train network is colour-coded purple.

Future role

Metlink has also been active in the use of 'value Metcards' (like credit cards but work only for trains) and is known for running a "funny" campaign called BATBYGOBSTOPL (Buying A Ticket Before You Get On Board Saves Time Or Problems Later). In July 2007, Metlink launched a new campaign, "I Highly Recommend You Get on the Bus", featuring musical comedian Frank Woodley, to improve bus services. [1]

While they do not have control, representatives of the Bus Association of Victoria and V/Line have helped Metlink.


Victoria's regional bus and rail services will at some future date be brought under a similar brand to Metlink named Viclink. Signage upgrades at regional railway stations have started from October 2006 [2]. The signage will be fully implemented when V/Line is re-privatized following the completion of the Fast Rail project

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