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Moira Kelly is an Australian humanitarian worker who is known for her work to help children in need.

Early life

Moira Kelly was born on January 31, 1964, in Melbourne, Australia. When she was eight years old, Kelly decided she wanted to help people in need after watching a program about Mother Teresa. In primary school, she would climb the fence at her school to help feed the children with disabilities at the special school next door. When she was eighteen, she took classes to become a special education teaching assistant. After graduating, she went to work at an Aboriginal mission in Western Australia.

At age 21, Kelly sold her car and went to Calcutta, India, to help Mother Teresa. In her mid-twenties, Kelly travelled around the world, setting up children's aid centers in many poor countries. At 30, she went to Bosnia and Herzegovina to set up programs to help children who were affected by the war in that country.

In 1999, Kelly created the Children First Foundation. Through its "Miracle Miles" program, the Foundation brings sick and disabled children from developing countries to Australia to have surgery or get other medical care. The Foundation also helps support Australian families with sick and disabled children who cannot afford medical equipment or special care.


  • Kelly has adopted four children with serious medical problems. In 2000, she adopted Ahmed and Emmanuel, two brothers from Iraq who were born with very small, weak arms and legs. Later she adopted Trishna and Krishna, two children from Bangladesh who were born as conjoined twins (twins who were born with their heads attached to each other).
  • In 2001, Kelly was given several awards for her work to help children. She received the Australian Prime Minister's Award for outstanding community service. Save the Children gave her its White Flame Award for service to children in need. She was also made an Officer of the Order of Australia.
  • In 2003, Kelly received the Victorian of the Year award, and in 2003 and 2004 she was nominated for the Australian of the Year awards.
  • In 2013, Kelly founded Global Gardens of Peace, a charity in Melbourne, Australia, that creates safe garden and play areas in poor countries and countries at war. The organization created its first garden in Gaza City, Palestine.

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