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National Register of Historic Places listings in Audubon County, Iowa facts for kids

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Map of Iowa highlighting Audubon County
Location of Audubon County in Iowa

This is a list of the National Register of Historic Places listings in Audubon County, Iowa.

This is intended to be a complete list of the properties and districts on the National Register of Historic Places in Audubon County, Iowa, United States. Latitude and longitude coordinates are provided for many National Register properties and districts; these locations may be seen together in a map.

There are 14 properties and districts listed on the National Register in the county.

This National Park Service list is complete through NPS recent listings posted March 31, 2017.
Name on the Register Image Date listed Location City or town Description
1 Audubon County Court House
Audubon County Court House
August 28, 2003
318 Leroy St.
41°43′18″N 94°55′47″W / 41.721530°N 94.929594°W / 41.721530; -94.929594 (Audubon County Court House)
Audubon The Audubon County Court House designed by Keffer and Jones of Des Moine in the PWA Moderne style in 1939, is significant as one of ten county courthouses built in Iowa during the New Deal Era as part of the federal Public Works Administration.
2 Audubon County Courthouse
July 26, 1977
Washington and Kilworth Sts.
41°35′29″N 94°52′30″W / 41.591389°N 94.875°W / 41.591389; -94.875 (Audubon County Courthouse)
Exira Served as the Audubon County Courthouse from 1874 to 1879, and is the first building erected in the county specifically for use as a county government facility. In 1887, Knights of Pythias Lodge took over the rent, and rented the lower floor to travelling musical and theater troupes, and later to entrepreneurs who showed silent movies. Community plays and dances were also held here.
3 Audubon County Home Historic District
March 17, 2015
1891 215th St.
41°41′44″N 94°55′21″W / 41.695681°N 94.922570°W / 41.695681; -94.922570 (Audubon County Home Historic District)
Audubon vicinity
4 Bennedsen, Boldt, and Hansen Building
October 3, 1991
Main St.
41°37′42″N 95°04′21″W / 41.628333°N 95.0725°W / 41.628333; -95.0725 (Bennedsen, Boldt, and Hansen Building)
Kimballton 1913 commercial building, built by Danish immigrant settlers.
5 Bethany Danish Evangelical Lutheran Church
October 3, 1991
1.5 miles north of Iowa Highway 44 and 1 mile east of Iowa Highway 68
41°39′08″N 95°03′11″W / 41.652222°N 95.053056°W / 41.652222; -95.053056 (Bethany Danish Evangelical Lutheran Church)
Kimballton 1898 church significant for its association with an important United Church congregation following the split in the Danish Lutheran Church in 1894.
6 John D. Bush House
October 3, 1991
219 N. Kilworth
41°35′39″N 94°52′32″W / 41.594167°N 94.875556°W / 41.594167; -94.875556 (John D. Bush House)
Exira 1873 Gabled-ell house built by Danish immigrant carpenter Jens Uriah Hansen, who was the first Dane to settle in the county.
7 Andrew P. Hansen Farmstead
October 3, 1991
Between Iowa Highway 44 and County Road P58 on Little Elkhorn Creek
41°36′01″N 94°59′06″W / 41.600278°N 94.985°W / 41.600278; -94.985 (Andrew P. Hansen Farmstead)
Brayton 1894 farmstead including a hipped foursquare house built by Danish immigrants
8 Immanuel Danish Evangelical Lutheran Church
October 3, 1991
Eastern side of W. 2nd St.
41°37′46″N 95°04′28″W / 41.629375°N 95.074514°W / 41.629375; -95.074514 (Immanuel Danish Evangelical Lutheran Church)
Kimballton Gothic and Queen Anne styled church built by Danish immigrants significant for its association with the Grundtvigian synod of the Danish Lutheran Church following the historic split within the church in 1894.
9 Hans J. Jorgensen Barn
October 3, 1991
Junction of Iowa Highway 44 and Main St.
41°37′55″N 95°04′25″W / 41.631944°N 95.073611°W / 41.631944; -95.073611 (Hans J. Jorgensen Barn)
Kimballton Square hipped barn with a distinctive pyramidal roofs built by Danish Immigrant settler Hans J. Jorgesen, an instrumental person in the growth of the community of Kimballton.
10 Kimballton Commercial District
August 18, 1995
Junction of Alfred and Main Sts.
41°37′44″N 95°04′22″W / 41.628889°N 95.072778°W / 41.628889; -95.072778 (Kimballton Commercial District)
Kimballton 1889-1940 commercial buildings, significant for their influence of the Danish immigrant and Danish American craftmanship.
11 Kimballton West 2nd – West 3rd Street Residential District
August 18, 1995
Roughly W. 2nd St. from Iowa Highway 44 to south of Odense St. and W. 3rd St. from Iowa Highway 44 to Esbeck St.
41°37′43″N 95°04′32″W / 41.628611°N 95.075556°W / 41.628611; -95.075556 (Kimballton West 2nd – West 3rd Street Residential District)
Kimballton Residential neighborhood with late 19th & 20th Century homes including Queen Anne, Colonial Revival, Prairie School, and Craftsman styles.
12 Hans M. Koch House
October 3, 1991
Western side of Iowa Highway 173, 0.5 miles south of Kimballton
41°37′12″N 95°04′25″W / 41.62°N 95.073611°W / 41.62; -95.073611 (Hans M. Koch House)
Kimballton A 1908 gabled double-pile home built to serve as the manager's residence for the Crystal Springs brickworks.
13 Jens T. Larsen House
October 3, 1991
103 Main St.
41°37′37″N 95°04′23″W / 41.626944°N 95.073056°W / 41.626944; -95.073056 (Jens T. Larsen House)
Kimballton 1894 gabled ell house, a unique example of skilled Danish immigrant craftsmen, Anders and Thorvald Jensen.
14 Poplar Rural District
April 9, 1992
Roughly the area from Poplar south and west to Wolf Creek
41°40′28″N 95°06′29″W / 41.674444°N 95.108056°W / 41.674444; -95.108056 (Poplar Rural District)
Jacksonville Danish rural farming community of the largest rural Danish immigrant settlement in Iowa and the United States, with the district still appearing much as it did during the early 1900s.
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