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National Register of Historic Places listings in Liberty County, Georgia facts for kids

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Map of Georgia highlighting Liberty County
Location of Liberty County in Georgia
Liberty trail, Liberty County, GA, USA
Liberty County has a "Liberty Trail" of its historic sites.

This is a list of the National Register of Historic Places listings in Liberty County, Georgia.

It is intended to be a complete list of the properties on the National Register of Historic Places in Liberty County, Georgia, United States. The locations of National Register properties for which the latitude and longitude coordinates are included below, may be seen in a Google map.

There are 12 properties listed on the National Register in the county.

This National Park Service list is complete through NPS recent listings posted March 31, 2017.
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Current listings

Name on the Register Image Date listed Location City or town Description
1 Bacon-Fraser House
Bacon-Fraser House
April 18, 1985
208 E. Court St.
31°50′53″N 81°35′37″W / 31.848056°N 81.593611°W / 31.848056; -81.593611 (Bacon-Fraser House)
2 Eddie Bowens Farm
Eddie Bowens Farm
October 25, 2004
660 Trade Hill Rd.
31°44′38″N 81°19′10″W / 31.743889°N 81.319444°W / 31.743889; -81.319444 (Eddie Bowens Farm)
3 Cassel's Store
Cassel's Store
August 5, 1983
Off U.S. Route 84
31°49′36″N 81°31′44″W / 31.82653°N 81.52890°W / 31.82653; -81.52890 (Cassel's Store)
McIntosh Parts of the opposite wall are still standing
4 Dorchester Academy Boys' Dormitory
Dorchester Academy Boys' Dormitory
June 23, 1986
8787 East Oglethorpe Highway (U.S. Route 84)
31°48′02″N 81°27′56″W / 31.800556°N 81.465556°W / 31.800556; -81.465556 (Dorchester Academy Boys' Dormitory)
Midway National Historic Landmark
5 Flemington Presbyterian Church
Flemington Presbyterian Church
June 17, 1982
Off Old Sunbury Rd.
31°52′11″N 81°34′15″W / 31.86968°N 81.57091°W / 31.86968; -81.57091 (Flemington Presbyterian Church)
6 Fort Morris
Fort Morris
May 13, 1970
2559 Fort Morris Road
31°46′04″N 81°16′52″W / 31.76791°N 81.28119°W / 31.76791; -81.28119 (Fort Morris)
Midway Fort Morris State Historic Site is a state park open to the public
7 Liberty County Courthouse
Liberty County Courthouse
September 18, 1980
Courthouse Sq.
31°50′52″N 81°35′45″W / 31.84769°N 81.59577°W / 31.84769; -81.59577 (Liberty County Courthouse)
8 Liberty County Jail
Liberty County Jail
August 18, 1992
302 S. Main St.
31°50′44″N 81°35′47″W / 31.84558°N 81.59650°W / 31.84558; -81.59650 (Liberty County Jail)
9 Midway Historic District
Midway Historic District
March 1, 1973
Junction of U.S. Route 17 and Martin Road
31°48′22″N 81°25′51″W / 31.806111°N 81.430833°W / 31.806111; -81.430833 (Midway Historic District)
10 Sam Ripley Farm
Sam Ripley Farm
October 27, 2004
1337 Dorchester Village Rd.
31°45′39″N 81°22′12″W / 31.760833°N 81.37°W / 31.760833; -81.37 (Sam Ripley Farm)
11 St. Catherines Island
St. Catherines Island
December 16, 1969
One of the barrier islands of Georgia, south of Savannah.
31°37′56″N 81°09′48″W / 31.632222°N 81.163333°W / 31.632222; -81.163333 (St. Catherines Island)
South Newport National Historic Landmark
12 Woodmanston Site
Woodmanston Site
June 18, 1973
Southwest of Riceboro off Barrington Rd.
31°41′52″N 81°28′23″W / 31.697778°N 81.473056°W / 31.697778; -81.473056 (Woodmanston Site)
Riceboro The site is gated, but you can visit the site by appointment.
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