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National Register of Historic Places listings in Tyler County, West Virginia facts for kids

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Map of West Virginia highlighting Tyler County
Location of Tyler County in West Virginia

This is a list of the National Register of Historic Places listings in Tyler County, West Virginia.

This is intended to be a complete list of the properties and districts on the National Register of Historic Places in Tyler County, West Virginia, United States. The locations of National Register properties and districts for which the latitude and longitude coordinates are included below, may be seen in a Google map.

There are 10 properties and districts listed on the National Register in the county.

This National Park Service list is complete through NPS recent listings posted March 31, 2017.
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Current listings

Name on the Register Image Date listed Location City or town Description
1 E. A. Durham House
E. A. Durham House
June 19, 1973
110 Chelsea St.
39°33′06″N 81°00′02″W / 39.551667°N 81.000556°W / 39.551667; -81.000556 (E. A. Durham House)
2 Friendly City Building and Jail
Friendly City Building and Jail
November 22, 1999
WV 2, Orchard St.
39°30′55″N 81°03′35″W / 39.515389°N 81.059722°W / 39.515389; -81.059722 (Friendly City Building and Jail)
3 Middlebourne Historic District
Middlebourne Historic District
July 9, 1993
Main, East, and Dodd Sts.
39°29′34″N 80°54′38″W / 39.492778°N 80.910556°W / 39.492778; -80.910556 (Middlebourne Historic District)
4 Sistersville City Hall
Sistersville City Hall
October 5, 1972
City Sq., Main and Diamond Sts.
39°33′53″N 80°59′47″W / 39.564722°N 80.996389°W / 39.564722; -80.996389 (Sistersville City Hall)
5 Sistersville Historic District
Sistersville Historic District
August 13, 1975
From Chelsea to the Ohio River between Catherine and both sides of Virginia Sts.
39°33′55″N 80°59′45″W / 39.565278°N 80.995833°W / 39.565278; -80.995833 (Sistersville Historic District)
6 Tyler County Courthouse and Jail
Tyler County Courthouse and Jail
June 23, 1980
Main and Dodd Sts.
39°29′31″N 80°54′14″W / 39.491944°N 80.903889°W / 39.491944; -80.903889 (Tyler County Courthouse and Jail)
7 Wells Inn
Wells Inn
October 5, 1972
316 Charles St.
39°33′48″N 80°59′55″W / 39.563333°N 80.998611°W / 39.563333; -80.998611 (Wells Inn)
8 William Wells House
July 21, 1987
WV 18
39°26′05″N 80°49′28″W / 39.434722°N 80.824444°W / 39.434722; -80.824444 (William Wells House)
9 Wells-Schaff House
Wells-Schaff House
January 7, 1986
500 S. Wells
39°33′26″N 81°00′19″W / 39.557222°N 81.005278°W / 39.557222; -81.005278 (Wells-Schaff House)
10 Wells-Twyford House
April 29, 1991
Junction of WV 2 and Kahle St.
39°32′57″N 81°00′50″W / 39.549167°N 81.013889°W / 39.549167; -81.013889 (Wells-Twyford House)
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