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National Register of Historic Places listings in Voyageurs National Park facts for kids

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This is a list of the National Register of Historic Places listings in Voyageurs National Park.

This is intended to be a complete list of the properties and districts on the National Register of Historic Places in Voyageurs National Park, Minnesota, United States. The locations of National Register properties and districts for which the latitude and longitude coordinates are included below, may be seen in an online map.

There are eleven properties and districts listed on the National Register in the park.

Current listings

Name on the Register Image Date listed Location City or town Description
1 Archaeological Site No. 21SL82
Archaeological Site No. 21SL82
February 17, 1988
Address restricted
International Falls Campsite used c. 3000 BCE–1900 CE.
2 Archeological Site 21SL141
Archeological Site 21SL141
December 31, 1987
Address restricted
International Falls Habitation site occupied c. 300–1900 CE.
3 Archeological Site 21SL35
Archeological Site 21SL35
December 29, 1987
Address restricted
International Falls Large beach site exclusively occupied by the Laurel Complex of the early Woodland period, with what may be the earliest evidence of wild rice use in Minnesota. Also known as the Clyde Creek Site.
4 Archeological Site 21SL55
Archeological Site 21SL55
July 8, 1988
Address restricted
International Falls Island site exclusively occupied by the Blackduck culture of the late Woodland period, with a possible ricing jig and other subsurface features.
5 Archeological Site No. 21SL73
Archeological Site No. 21SL73
January 16, 1989
Address restricted
International Falls Seasonal campsite used 100 BCE–1500 CE.
6 Jun Fujita Cabin
Jun Fujita Cabin
December 2, 1996
Wendt Island, Voyageurs National Park
48°32′59″N 92°52′11″W / 48.549828°N 92.869838°W / 48.549828; -92.869838 (Jun Fujita Cabin)
Ranier 1928 rustic cabin of Japanese American photographer and poet Jun Fujita. Also a rare surviving example of the early recreational development of the Boundary Waters.
7 Gold Mine Sites
Gold Mine Sites
May 6, 1977
Around Rainy Lake in Voyageurs National Park
48°36′09″N 93°10′05″W / 48.6025°N 93.168056°W / 48.6025; -93.168056 (Gold Mine Sites)
Island View District of seven scattered mine shafts and test pits from an 1894 gold rush that brought industry and settlement to the area.
8 William Ingersoll Estate
William Ingersoll Estate
June 15, 2011
Ingersoll's Island
48°21′16″N 92°28′23″W / 48.354351°N 92.473104°W / 48.354351; -92.473104 (William Ingersoll Estate)
Crane Lake vicinity 1920s island summer home complex, whose 1928 main cabin was a rare surviving E. F. Hodgson Company prefabricated kit house. Collapsed in 2014 and subsequently removed.
9 Kabetogama Ranger Station District
Kabetogama Ranger Station District
June 18, 1993
Southwestern shore of Kabetogama Lake in Voyageurs National Park
48°26′43″N 93°01′44″W / 48.445278°N 93.028889°W / 48.445278; -93.028889 (Kabetogama Ranger Station District)
Kabetogama Complex built 1933–1941 for the Minnesota Division of Forestry by the Civilian Conservation Corps, an example of federal work relief projects during the Great Depression and National Park Service rustic architecture.
10 Kettle Falls Historic District
Kettle Falls Historic District
July 17, 1978
Kettle Channel in Voyageurs National Park
48°30′05″N 92°38′25″W / 48.501389°N 92.640278°W / 48.501389; -92.640278 (Kettle Falls Historic District)
Island View Dam, two log buildings, and hotel built circa-1910–1914 at a key portage on the Canada–United States border, an isolated nexus of industry and tourism in the Boundary Waters wilderness.
11 Kettle Falls Hotel
Kettle Falls Hotel
January 11, 1976
Kettle Channel in Voyageurs National Park
48°30′11″N 92°38′23″W / 48.503056°N 92.639722°W / 48.503056; -92.639722 (Kettle Falls Hotel)
Island View 1913 hotel built to provide lodging and meals to commercial fishermen, lumberjacks, buyers, and tourists at a key portage deep in a roadless area.
12 Adolph Levin Cottage
June 15, 2011
Kabetogama Narrows near Ash River Maintenance Dock
48°26′05″N 92°51′22″W / 48.434653°N 92.855993°W / 48.434653; -92.855993 (Adolph Levin Cottage)
Voyageurs National Park Representative early-20th-century lake retreat with a 1937 log cabin noted for its rustic architecture and traditional Finnish construction.
13 Little American Mine
Little American Mine
April 16, 1975
Little American Island in Voyageurs National Park
48°36′09″N 93°10′05″W / 48.6025°N 93.168056°W / 48.6025; -93.168056 (Little American Mine)
Island View Remnants from Minnesota's only profitable gold mine, in operation 1893–1898. Now developed with an interpretive trail.
14 Monson's Hoist Bay Resort
Monson's Hoist Bay Resort
June 15, 2011
Hoist Bay, Namakan Lake
48°25′05″N 92°44′55″W / 48.417969°N 92.748733°W / 48.417969; -92.748733 (Monson's Hoist Bay Resort)
Voyageurs National Park Family-owned resort established in 1939 to serve the growing phenomenon of middle-class tourists, with nine contributing properties built 1941–1968.
15 I.W. Stevens Lakeside Cottage
I.W. Stevens Lakeside Cottage
June 15, 2011
Williams Island, Namakan Lake
48°26′30″N 92°44′50″W / 48.441548°N 92.747316°W / 48.441548; -92.747316 (I.W. Stevens Lakeside Cottage)
Voyageurs National Park Largely intact lake cabin complex established in 1932, with seven contributing properties; used as a year-round residence and a small-scale resort.
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