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N.obliqua shoot with fruits
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Plantae
Division: Magnoliophyta
Class: Magnoliopsida
Order: Fagales
Family: Nothofagaceae
Genus: Nothofagus

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Nothofagus is a kind of plant, also called southern beech. It is a tree which can reach 35 m tall. Nothofagus is found in South America, New Zealand, Australia and New Guinea. There are 34 species, considering pollen morphology four sections are recognized, i.e. Brassospora, Fuscospora, Lophozonia, and Nothofagus.

    • Nothofagus, Southamerican species;
  • Nothofagus Antarctica
  • Nothofagus betuloides
  • Nothofagus dombeyi
  • Nothofagus nitida
  • Nothofagus pumilio
    • Brassospora, New Guinea and New Caledonia species;
  • Nothofagus aequilateralis
  • Nothofagus balansae
  • Nothofagus baumanniae
  • Nothofagus brassii
  • Nothofagus carrii
  • Nothofagus codonandra
  • Nothofagus crenata
  • Nothofagus discoidea
  • Nothofagus flaviramea
  • Nothofagus grandis
  • Nothofagus nuda
  • Nothofagus perryi
  • Nothofagus pseudoresinosa
  • Nothofagus pullei
  • Nothofagus resinosa
  • Nothofagus rubra
  • Nothofagus starkenborghii
  • Nothofagus stylosa
  • Nothofagus womersleyi
    • Fuscospora, Southamerican, Australian and in some Oceania Island;
  • Nothofagus alessandri
  • Nothofagus fusca
  • Nothofagus gunnii
  • Nothofagus solandri
  • Nothofagus truncata
Nothofagus nervosa
N.alpina rauli beech
    • Lophozonia, in places of Southamerica and Oceania.
  • Nothofagus alpina
  • Nothofagus cunninghamii
  • Nothofagus glauca
  • Nothofagus macrocarpa
  • Nothofagus menziesii
  • Nothofagus moorei
  • Nothofagus obliqua

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