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Okinawan Japanese
Native to Japan
Region Okinawa Islands
Ethnicity Ryukyuan
Language family
  • Japanese
    • Ryukyuan Japanese
      • Okinawan Japanese
Writing system Kana, Kanji (Japanese)

Okinawan Japanese (沖縄和大和口, Uchinaa-yamatuguchi) is a form of the Japanese language in the islands of Okinawa. It comes from Standard Japanese, but many words are taken from the Okinawan and Kunigami languages. It is spoken by much of Okinawa and is used a lot by younger people.

Okinawan Japanese formed because of language mixing between Okinawan and Japanese. This happened because the Okinawa Islands were being assimilated by mainland Japan. The same thing also happened in the Amami Islands, causing Amami Japanese to form.

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