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Oriental Longhair (Chocolate color)

The Oriental Longhair is a breed of cat. It is similar to the Oriental Shorthair. It is a member of the Siamese cat family. The Oriental Longhair was first named the British Angora. In 2002, British cat fanciers renamed it. This was so the cat would not be confused with the Turkish Angora.


Oriental Longhairs have a long body and a long silky coat of fur. Their coat colors can be black, blue, chocolate, lilac, cinnamon, caramel, fawn, red, cream, silver, white, and apricot. They also can have tortoiseshell or tabby patterns. The eyes are almond shaped. The preferred eye color for Oriental Longhairs is green. The white colored cats may have either green or blue eyes, or have two different colored eyes.


The Oriental Longhairs are active cats that like to play a lot. If there is no one around to play with, they can play with toys by themselves. They enjoy jumping up on furniture and high places. They are intelligent, social and loyal to their owners. They get along well with other cats, especially if they are of the same breed. These cats remain playful even after they are grown. These cats like active people and they get along well with other cats, children and dogs.

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