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Pascal Duquenne is a Belgian actor. He was born in Vilvoorde, Flanders, Belgium on 8 August 1970. He was diagnosed with Down syndrome.

It was Jaco van Dormael who noticed him (as Ducquenne was playing theatre). Dormael offered him his first roles in movies.

In 1996 Pascal Duquenne and Daniel Auteuil were awarded a prize (for best male interpretation) at the Cannes Film Festival. Duquenne received the prize for the role of a boy who has Down syndrome. The movie was called Le Huitième Jour (The Eighth Day).

He also has acted in other movies. Currently he lives in Brussels.

Films he acted in

  • Toto le hèros (Toto the Hero), by Jaco van Dormael (1991)
  • Le Huitième Jour (The Eight Day), also by van Dormael (1995)
  • Lumière et compagnie (Light & Co.); a documentary made by about 40 authors (1996)
  • The Room, by Giles Daoust (2006)
  • Un Noël pas comme les autres (A Christmas not like the others), by Nancy Franck (1997, Television)
  • An episode of the Series Commissaire Moulin (2004, Television)

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