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"Poireiton Khunthok" (Meitei: ꯄꯣꯢꯔꯩꯇꯣꯟ ꯈꯨꯟꯊꯣꯛ ) or "Poireiton Khunthokpa" (Meitei: ꯄꯣꯢꯔꯩꯇꯣꯟ ꯈꯨꯟꯊꯣꯛꯄ ) (literally, immigration by Poireiton) is an ancient Meitei literary narrative work, describing about the immigration of a band of colonies, led by a man, Poireiton, the prince and younger brother of Thongaren, the god of the underworld kingdom, in the plains of the Kangleipak kingdom (present day Manipur). It is partially an allegorical work, which includes mythical elements as the integral parts of the saga. It also mentions that the knowledge of the usage of fire was also introduced to the people of Kangleipak by Poireiton.

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