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Pokémon: Black & White: Adventures in Unova
Pokemon BW Adventures in Unova logo.pngEpisode N.png
Top: English Pokémon: Black & White: Adventures in Unova title logo
Bottom: Japanese Pocket Monsters: Best Wishes! Season 2: Episode N title logo
Country of origin Japan
No. of episodes 25
Original network TV Tokyo
Original release October 11, 2012 (2012-10-11) – April 18, 2013 (2013-04-18)

This is a list of episodes of Pokémon: Black & White: Adventures in Unova (advertised as Pokémon: BW: Adventures in Unova), the sixteenth season of the Pokémon animated series and the third part of Pokémon the Series: Black & White. It originally aired in Japan from October 11, 2012 to April 18, 2013 on TV Tokyo, and in the United States from February 2, 2013 to July 20, 2013 on Cartoon Network, covering the continuing adventures of series protagonist Ash Ketchum and Pikachu as he continues traveling through Unova with Cilan and Iris. In Japan, the episodes comprising this season aired as part of the Best Wishes!, under two subtitles.

The first eleven episodes were aired in Japan as the second half of Pocket Monsters: Best Wishes! Season 2 (ポケットモンスター ベストウイッシュ シーズン2, Poketto Monsutā Besuto Uisshu Shīzun Tsū), having their initial run in Japan from October 11, 2012 until January 10, 2013. The next fourteen episodes were broadcast under the subtitle Pocket Monsters: Best Wishes! Season 2: Episode N (ポケットモンスター ベストウイッシュ シーズン2 エピソードN, Poketto Monsutā Besuto Uisshu Shīzun Tsū Episōdo Enu), first airing in Japan on January 17, 2013 through April 18, 2013. In these episodes, Ash and his friends leave Cynthia's villa and travel to Vertress City, where Ash competes in the Vertress Conference at the Unova League against his old rivals named Trip, Bianca, and Stephan as well as his newest rivals named Cameron and Virgil for the title of Unova League Champion. Afterwards, Ash and his friends decide to journey to the White Ruins dedicated to the legendary Pokémon, Reshiram. Along the way, they meet the enigmatic N and face off against the villainous Team Plasma. Investigating the villainous organization is Looker of the International Police, who returns to the series for the first time since Diamond and Pearl: Galactic Battles. Team Rocket (Jessie, James, and Meowth) also return after a brief absence since the Season 15 finale.

The Japanese opening songs are "Be an Arrow!" (やじるしになって!, Yajirushi ni Natte!) and "Be an Arrow! 2013" (やじるしになって! 2013, Yajirushi ni Natte! 2013) by Rika Matsumoto. The ending songs are "Look Look☆Here" (みてみて☆こっちっち, Mite Mite☆Kotchitchi) by Momoiro Clover Z (桃色黒羽ゼット), and "Sakura Go-Round" (サクラ・ゴーラウンド, Sakura Gō-Raundo) by Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku (チュ学私立恵比寿). The English opening song is "It's Always You and Me" by Neal Coomer and Kathryn Raio. The instrumental version of English opening song did serve as the end credit song.


The division between seasons of Pokémon is based on the English version openings of each episode, and may not reflect the actual production season. The English episode numbers are based on their first airing in the United States either in syndication on Cartoon Network, or in Canada on YTV. Other English-speaking nations largely follow either this order or the Japanese order.

The first episode of this season aired on October 11, 2012, in Japan and premiered in the United States on February 2, 2013.


J# E# English title
Japanese title
Original air date English air date
757 751 "Beauties Battling for Pride and Prestige!" (The World's Most Magnificent Pokémon!? Chillaccino vs. Tsutarja!) ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ October 11, 2012 (2012-10-11) February 2, 2013 ʁ ʁ
Learning that the Unova League will be held at Vertress City, Ash and his friends prepare for the tournament, but not before making a detour towards Iris' hometown, the Village of Dragons. But along the way, Iris drags the boys and their Pokémon into competing against a group of women who believe that their Pokémon are not only powerful but more beautiful than anyone else's.
758 752 "A Surface to Air Tag Battle Team!" (A Sky and Earth Tag Battle!) ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ October 18, 2012 (2012-10-18) February 9, 2013 ʁ ʁ
On the way to the Unova League, Ash and Cilan get challenged to a Tag Battle against the brothers Soren and Rocko who have trained their Braviary (Soldier of the skies) and Drilbur (Warrior of the land) to perform amazing combination attacks.
759 753 "A Village Homecoming!" (Iris Returns to the Dragon Village!) ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ October 25, 2012 (2012-10-25) February 16, 2013 ʁ ʁ
Ash, Cilan, and Iris find their way to Iris's hometown: the Village of Dragons. While there, Iris shows Axew to her elder and helps her childhood friend Shannon when one of her Zweilous suddenly evolves into Hydreigon and goes out of control.
760 754 "Drayden Versus Iris: Past, Present, and Future!" (Sōryū Gym! Iris vs. Shaga!!) ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ November 8, 2012 (2012-11-08) February 23, 2013 ʁ ʁ
The gang arrives in Opelucid City for Iris' scheduled rematch against the Dragon Master and Gym Leader Drayden, who handed her and Excadrill their first-ever defeat years ago. Upon arrival, Iris remembers her difficult time in going to school there and trying to adjust to urban life. She and the others then travel to the Opelucid Gym for her rematch with Drayden, where she respectively puts her Excadrill and Dragonite to the test against Drayden's Haxorus and Druddigon in order for him to evaluate her training and skills.
761 755 "Team Eevee and the Pokémon Rescue Squad!" (Dispatch Team Eevee! Pokémon Rescue Squad!!) ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ November 15, 2012 (2012-11-15) March 2, 2013 ʁ ʁ
Near Vertress City, the gang meets the Pokémon Rescue Squad's Virgil - trainer of Team Eevee - and his brother Davey, whom they decide to assist in helping a group of troubled Cryoganal.
762 756 "Curtain Up, Unova League!" (The Isshu League Higaki Tournament Begins! Satoshi Against Shooty!!) ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ November 22, 2012 (2012-11-22) March 9, 2013 ʁ ʁ
The Unova League begins, and as the preliminary round matches get underway, Ash finds himself up against Trip.
763 757 "Mission: Defeat your Rival!" (Fiece Fighting! The Rival Battle Leads to Victory!!) ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ November 29, 2012 (2012-11-29) March 16, 2013 ʁ ʁ
Ash's battle against Trip continues, with Pikachu facing Serperior. As the preliminaries end and the first round begins, Bianca pits her Escavalier and Emboar against Cameron's Samurott and Riolu.
764 758 "Lost at the League!" (Kibago Gets Lost!) ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ December 6, 2012 (2012-12-06) March 23, 2013 ʁ ʁ
During a break in the competition, Iris's Axew follows a balloon and gets lost in Vertress City. Pikachu manages to track him down, but they are cornered by a group of Trubbish and their Garbodor leader.
765 759 "Strong Strategy Steals the Show!" (Dageki Appears! Satoshi Against Kenyan!!) ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ December 13, 2012 (2012-12-13) March 30, 2013 ʁ ʁ
The third round of battles at the Unova League begins, and Ash finds himself up against Stephan, putting Krookodile, Palpitoad, and Leavanny up against Stephan's Liepard, Zebstrika, and Sawk.
766 760 "Cameron's Secret Weapon!" (Satoshi Against Kotetsu! The Secret Weapon Sazandora!!) ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ December 20, 2012 (2012-12-20) April 6, 2013 ʁ ʁ
In the fourth round of matches, Ash battles against Cameron - who begins the match by revealing his secret weapon, Hydreigon.
767 761 "A Unova League Evolution!" (The Isshu League Ends! Pikachu Against Lucario!!) ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ January 10, 2013 (2013-01-10) April 13, 2013 ʁ ʁ
Ash's Snivy and Pikachu must face off against Cameron and his newly evolved Lucario.
768 762 "New Places... Familiar Faces!" (Araragi Laboratory! A New Journey!!) ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ January 17, 2013 (2013-01-17) April 20, 2013 ʁ ʁ
With the Unova League tournament over, Ash and company return to Nuvema Town to meet up with Professor Juniper and to tell Professor Oak about his results. Along the way, they meet Nanette who is going to see Juniper for her first Pokémon, and eventually chooses Tepig and asks to have her first battle with Ash. However, during the battle, a robot piloted by Team Rocket appears to steal Pikachu. Later, Professor Juniper gets a call from her father, who invites Ash and friends to visit him at the White Ruins, located north of Icirrus City.
769 763 "The Name's N!" (Friend... His Name Is N!) ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ January 24, 2013 (2013-01-24) April 27, 2013 ʁ ʁ
On a boat heading to see ruins dedicated to Reshiram, Ash, Iris, and Cilan meet the mysterious boy calling himself N, who quickly befriends their Pokémon. However, when Team Rocket attacks the group once more and James's Amoonguss paralyzes Pikachu with Stun Spore, N's timely intervention helps turn the tide of the fight.
770 764 "There's a New Gym Leader in Town!" (The New Gym Leader Cheren!) ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ January 31, 2013 (2013-01-31) May 4, 2013 ʁ ʁ
The group's boat arrives in Aspertia City, and they arrange to meet Cheren, Professor Juniper's acquaintance and the city's new Gym Leader. A teacher at the local Pokémon School, Cheren is lacking in confidence regarding his worth for the title, something Cilan - as a former Gym Leader himself - connects with him over. After misadventures in the Pokémon House on the school grounds - including a series of mishaps between Cilan, Pansage, and a flock of Ducklett - Ash has an unofficial Gym match against Cheren, Oshawott facing off against Herdier.
771 765 "Team Plasma's Pokémon Power Plot!" (Achroma vs. Handsome! The Team Plasma Conspiracy!!) ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ February 7, 2013 (2013-02-07) May 11, 2013 ʁ ʁ
When Team Plasma scientist Colress uses his machine to draw out Pokémon strength, the controlled wild Pokémon attack the residents of nearby Floccesy Town. Ash, Iris, and Cilan get caught in the middle of the mayhem when Pikachu and Axew also fall under his control, but when they are saved by Looker, they agree to aid him in his investigation of Team Plasma and Colress's scheme.
772 766 "The Light of Floccesy Ranch!" (The Fog of Sangi Ranch! Denryu's Light!!) ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ February 14, 2013 (2013-02-14) May 18, 2013 ʁ ʁ
While stopped at Floccesy Ranch, Iris's Dragonite helps rancher Elly's Ampharos get into the fighting spirit.
773 767 "Saving Braviary" (N Returns! Warrgle Rescue Mission!!) ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ February 21, 2013 (2013-02-21) May 25, 2013 ʁ ʁ
Ash and friends once again run into N, who has freed a Braviary held captive by Team Plasma. They help him bring it to a Pokémon Center, but when Braviary is tracked by a pair of Team Plasma Grunts - Nero and Bianco, who respectively use a Seviper and Zangoose in battle - N puts his life on the line. Successfully freeing Braviary, N joins the group on their journey to the White Ruins.
774 768 "The Pokémon Harbor Patrol!" (Hurry Up! The Pokémon Coastal Rescue Team!!) ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ February 28, 2013 (2013-02-28) June 1, 2013 ʁ ʁ
Upon returning to Virbank City, Ash and friends meet Halsey who runs a rescue team consisting of his two Frillish, his Dewott, and his Watchog. Making his personal feelings on the idea of Pokémon putting themselves at risk for the sake of humans known, N's belief that Watchog (who seems ill-suited for the Team's risky endeavours) is being used as a tool causes an ideological clash between Halsey and N, but the two young men must put their enmities aside when a fire breaks out in Virbank City's Industrial Complex.
775 769 "The Fires of a Red-Hot Reunion!" (Burn, Lizardon! Vs. Kairyu!) ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ March 7, 2013 (2013-03-07) June 8, 2013 ʁ ʁ
Ash and his friends come across the Kanto Fair, and seeing a Charmander perform on stage reminds him of his old friend, Charizard. He tells Iris, Cilan and N about his and Charizard's history, and everyone agrees that Ash should reunite with Charizard. Professor Oak sends Charizard over, and after he meets Iris' Dragonite, the two trainers agree to have a friendly match.
776 770 "Team Plasma's Pokémon Manipulation!" (Team Plasma's Ambitions! Manipulated Pokémon!!) ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ March 14, 2013 (2013-03-14) June 15, 2013 ʁ ʁ
Colress appears and tests his newly-advanced machine on Dragon-type Pokémon - first taking over a young trainer's Haxorus, and later Iris's Dragonite. As Ash and Charizard try to stop them, N puts himself in the crossfire, knowing the Pokémon should be friends and not fight.
777 771 "Secrets From Out of the Fog!" (N's Secret... Beyond the Fog!) ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ March 21, 2013 (2013-03-21) June 22, 2013 ʁ ʁ
After N is hurt by Colress's machine, two young women, Anthea and Concordia, come to save him. It is from these two girls that Ash and the others learn the truth about N's life, including his link to the evil Ghetsis.
778 772 "Meowth, Colress and Team Rivalry!" (Team Rocket vs. Team Plasma! Nyarth and Achroma!!) ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ March 28, 2013 (2013-03-28) June 29, 2013 ʁ ʁ
Team Plasma's Colress convinces Team Rocket's Jessie and James to use his technology on Meowth to make him stronger, but it is all part of Colress's plans to test his Pokémon controlling device.
779 773 "Ash and N: A Clash of Ideals!" (The White Ruins! Satoshi Against N!!) ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ April 4, 2013 (2013-04-04) July 6, 2013 ʁ ʁ
At the ruins dedicated to the Pokémon Reshiram, N steals the Light Stone from Cedric Juniper, and Ash's attempt to stop him ends with them separated from the others. Team Plasma move to attack the White Ruins while Team Rocket watch on in anticipation, and Iris, Cilan and Looker attempt to fight off the enemy forces.
780 774 "Team Plasma and the Awakening Ceremony!" (Team Plasma Attacks! The Resurrection Ceremony!!) ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ April 11, 2013 (2013-04-11) July 13, 2013 ʁ ʁ
Ash and N prepare to save Iris, Cilan, and Professor Juniper's father from the clutches of Team Plasma before Ghetsis can revive Reshiram, but their attempts to fight back are hampered by Colress's Pokémon controlling machine, forcing them all to call back their Pokémon. Pikachu gets hit by the machine's beam, which sways N into surrendering the Light Stone in exchange for its freedom just as Ghetsis arrives who is ready to begin the ritual.
781 775 "What Lies Beyond Truth and Ideals!" (Reshiram Against N! Beyond Ideals and Truth!!) ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ ʁ April 18, 2013 (2013-04-18) July 20, 2013 ʁ ʁ
As the revived Reshiram quickly falls under Ghetsis' control, Ash and friends try to develop a strategy to stop Team Plasma. Looker convinces Team Rocket to help in the fight against the villains, while Ash and Pikachu aim to destroy the controlling machine. N hopes to pacify the enraged Reshiram before it destroys the world in a righteous fury, which is akin to when it burned down Team Plasma's castle in the past.

Home Media releases

Viz Media and Warner Home Video released the entire series on a single 4-disc volume in the United States in 2014.