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Positions of ancient continents, 550 million years ago
Landmass positions near the end of the Precambrian

Pre-cambrian (or Precambrian) is a term used to describe the eons before the Cambrian. It lasted from about 4.567 billion years ago to about 542 million years ago. It starts with the beginning of the Earth, about 4.567 billion years ago. When it ends, there were many hard-shelled animals around. It is named after the Roman name for Cymru / Wales, because rocks thought to be from this time were first studied there.

The supereon is subdivided into 3 eons, the Hadean (4.5 to 4 billion years ago), the Archaean (4 to 2.5 billion years) and the Proterozoic (from 2.5 billion years to 542 million years).

The immediate Precambrian period is the Ediacaran.

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