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There are many people called Queen Elizabeth.



Among the women known to history as "Queen Elizabeth" are, in order of date of death:

(Note that the name "Isabel" or "Isabella" is sometimes translated into English as "Elizabeth" or "Elisabeth".)

  • Elizabeth the Cuman, daughter of Kuthen, Prince of the Kumans. She married, in 1254, Stephen V of Hungary.
  • Elizabeth of Portugal (1271–1336), queen consort, daughter of Peter III of Aragon, wife of Denis of Portugal.
  • Elzbieta Ryksa (1288–1335), queen consort of Bohemia: daughter of Przemysl II of Poland; wife of Rudolf III of Austria.
  • Elzbieta of Poland (1305–1380), queen consort of Poland and queen consort of Hungary: daughter of Ladislaus I of Poland; wife of Charles II of Hungary .
  • Elizabeth Woodville (c. 1437–1492), queen consort of England: wife of Edward IV of England; mother of the Princes in the Tower and of Elizabeth of York.
  • Elizabeth of York (1465–1503), queen consort of England: daughter of Edward IV of England; wife of Henry VII of England; mother of Henry VIII of England.
  • Elizabeth of Castile (or Isabella of Castile) (1451–1504), queen regnant of Castile & Leon (Spain) and queen consort of Aragon: daughter of John II of Castile; wife of Ferdinand II of Aragon; mother of Joanna of Castile and of Catherine of Aragon; patron of Christopher Columbus.
  • Elisabeth of Austria (1437–1505), queen consort of Poland: daughter of Albert II, Holy Roman Emperor; wife of Casimir IV of Poland; mother of Saint Casimir.
  • Elizabeth of Castile (or Isabella of Burgundy) (1501–1526), queen consort of Denmark, Norway, and Sweden: daughter of Philip I of Castile and Joanna of Castile; wife of Christian II of Denmark.
  • Elizabeth of Valois (1545–1568), queen consort of Spain: daughter of Henry II of France; wife of Philip II of Spain.
  • Elisabeth of Austria (1554-1592), queen consort of France: daughter of Maximilian II, Holy Roman Emperor; wife of Charles IX of France.
  • Elizabeth I of England (1533–1603), queen regnant of England: daughter of Henry VIII of England and his second wife Anne Boleyn.
  • Elisabeth of France (1602–1644), queen consort of Spain: daughter of Henry IV of France; wife of Philip IV of Spain.
  • Elizabeth Stuart (1596–1662), queen consort of Bohemia: daughter of James VI of Scotland; wife of Frederick V of Bohemia: nicknamed "The Winter Queen".
  • Elizabeth Farnese (or Isabel Farnese) (1692–1766), queen consort of Spain: daughter of Edward Farnese of Parma (Italy); wife of Philip V of Spain, mother of Charles III of Spain.
  • Elisabeth of Bavaria (1838–1898) a.k.a. Sissi, married emperor Franz Josef I of Austria.
  • Elisabeth of Wied (1843–1916), queen consort of Romania: born Pauline Elisabeth Ottile Luise; wife of Charles I of Romania.
  • Elizabeth Hohenzollern (1894–1956), queen consort of Greece: daughter of Ferdinand of Romania; wife of George II of Greece.
  • Elizabeth of Belgium (1876–1965), queen consort of Albert I of Belgium.
  • Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon (1900–2002), queen consort of the United Kingdom: daughter of Claude George Bowes-Lyon, 14th Earl of Strathmore and Kinghorne; wife of George VI of the United Kingdom; mother of Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom.


  • The "Queen Elizabeth" in James Collinson's 1850 painting The Renunciation of Queen Elizabeth of Hungary (Image) is not a queen at all but a princess: St. Elizabeth of Hungary (1207–1231), the daughter of Andrew II of Hungary.
  • The Queen Elizabeth class of five battleships of the Royal Navy, including HMS Queen Elizabeth.
  • Queen Elizabeth and Queen Elizabeth 2, two ocean liners of the Cunard Steamship Company.
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