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Mexican white oak
Quercus polymorpha kz4.jpg
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Conservation status
Scientific classification
  • Quercus germana var. lemmonii Trel.
  • Quercus guatimalensis A.DC.
  • Quercus petiolaris Benth.
  • Quercus polymorpha f. angustifolia C.H.Mull.
  • Quercus turbinata Liebm.
  • Quercus varians M.Martens & Galeotti

Quercus polymorpha, the Mexican white oak, Monterrey oak or netleaf white oak, is a North American species of oak. It is widespread in Mexico, Guatemala, and Honduras, and known from a single population in the United States (about 30 km north of the Río Grande in Val Verde County, Texas) but widely planted as an ornamental.

Quercus polymorpha is a subevergreen tree up to 20 meters (67 feet) tall. Bark is gray or brown. Leaves are elliptical or egg-shaped, up to 15 cm (6 inches) long, unlobed or with a few shallow rounded lobes.

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