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Red-bellied short-necked turtle
Red-bellied short-necked turtle at Cologne Zoo
Conservation status
Scientific classification

Emydura subglobosa subglobosa

  • Euchelymys subglobosa Krefft, 1876
  • Emydura albertisii Boulenger, 1888
  • Tropicochelymys goodei Wells & Wellington, 1985 (nomen nudum)

Emydura subglobosa worrelli

  • Tropicochelymys worrelli Wells & Wellington, 1985

The red-bellied short-necked turtle (Emydura subglobosa), pink-bellied side-necked turtle, or Jardine River turtle is a species of turtle in the family Chelidae.


This hard-shelled chelid is more colorful than most of its relatives.

Emydura subglobosa Description views
Emydura subglobosa Description views

Geographic range

E. subglobosa is found in tropical Australia and Papua New Guinea.


It lives in lagoons, or lakes.

In captivity

Red-bellied short-necked turtles are popular as pets. A 75-gallon or larger aquarium is used to house this species. In captivity, they feed on fish, commercial turtle pellets and plant matter.

Due to Australia's ban of exporting wild-caught animals, all wild-caught individuals are from New Guinea. In the United States, Florida had bred these turtles to supply the market. Hong Kong and Taiwan had also bred red-bellied short-necked turtles.

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