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Red handfish
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The red handfish (Thymichthys politus) is a species of handfish in the genus Thymichthys, found in Frederick Henry Bay, Tasmania.


The red handfish is distinguished by its small, flattened wart-like protuberances that cover its body and red coloration. Two color morphs exist, a bright red morph with red color on both body and fins, with a black line separating the white fin edges and a mottled morph with pink body covered in many red patches, with translucent pink fins expressing some bright red patches. They measure an average standard length of 61.4 mm (2.4 in) and an average total length of 80.1 mm (3.2 in). Like other handfishes, they have large developed pectoral fins, which they use to walk along the sea floor.


Historically, the species was found in multiple subpopulations in Tasmania, including Port Arthur, Fortescue Bay, the Actaeon Islands, D'Entrecasteaux Channel, and the Forestier Peninsula. Currently, the species has been found only on 2 small reefs in Frederick Henry Bay. These reefs measure a circular area of no more than 75 meters and 50 meters in diameter. It is found at depth ranges from 1 m up to 20 m.

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