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Major Richard Sharpe is a fictional character. He is the main character in a series of books written by Bernard Cornwell. Many of the books have been made into television movies, where the stories were told in a different order from the books. Sharpe's story is set during the Napoleonic Wars. Sharpe has a series of "sword waving" adventures.

So far, the writer has written 21 books, from "Sharpe's Tiger" to "Sharpe's Devil". The first book is set in the year 1799, while the last is set in the years 1820 to 1821. There were also three short stories set between other books. All the stories cover the Napoleonic Wars, as well as a prelude in India detailing Sharpe's rise to the rank of Ensign. The final book looks at Sharpe on a mission to rescue his old friend, the Spanish Captain General Don Blas Vivar, in Chile.

Books and short stories

Here is the order of the books and short stories, with the year the story is set:

Story Name Year
Sharpe's Tiger 1799
Sharpe's Triumph 1803
Sharpe's Fortress 1803
Sharpe's Trafalgar 1805
Sharpe's Prey 1807
Sharpe's Rifles 1809
Sharpe's Havoc 1809
Sharpe's Eagle 1809
Sharpe's Gold 1810
Sharpe's Escape 1810
Sharpe's Fury 1811
Sharpe's Battle 1811
Sharpe's Company 1812
Sharpe's Sword 1812
Sharpe's Skirmish

(A short story)

Sharpe's Enemy 1812
Sharpe's Honour 1813
Sharpe's Regiment 1813
Sharpe's Christmas

(A short story)

Sharpe's Siege 1814
Sharpe's Revenge 1814
Sharpe's Waterloo 1815
Sharpe's Ransom

(A short story)

Sharpe's Devil 1820 – 1821

Film story

Born in London to a poor mother, Sharpe spent most of his youth in the inner city of London. When he killed someone, he went away to Yorkshire. He then joined a British line battalion, a regiment in the British Army. He was sent to India, where he saved the Duke of Wellington's life. For this, he was given a field commission to the rank of Lieutenant. He was then transferred to a Highland regiment, where he was not wanted, and was transferred into the 95th Rifles at Shorncliffe back in England. The 95th Rifles was then sent to northern Spain with General Moore's army. It was in Spain that he became friends with Patrick Harper.

In the latest adventure "Sharpe's Challenge", Sharpe and Harper go to India to fight some villains.

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