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Roberta Quimby
Ramona (novel series) character
First appearance Ramona Forever
Last appearance Ramona's World
Created by Beverly Cleary
Portrayed by Amanda Borek (Ramona and Beezus)
Gender Female
Family Robert Quimby (father)
Mrs. Dorothy Quimby (mother)
Beezus Quimby (sister)
Ramona Quimby (sister)
Picky-picky (cat)
Relatives Aunt, uncle and cousin
Nationality United States

Roberta Day Quimby is a fictional character created by American children's author Beverly Cleary. Named after her father, Robert Quimby, Roberta is the youngest of three Quimby children; Beezus Quimby is the eldest and Ramona Quimby, Beezus' best friend, is the middle child. In addition to her mother, father and sisters, she also has an aunt, uncle and cousin. She is introduced in the book Ramona Forever, and is one year old in the last book Ramona's World. Roberta has a playful personality, and she seems to be taking after Ramona. She was played by twins Aila and Zanti McCubbing in the 2010 film adaptation, Ramona and Beezus. There is currently no merchandise for Roberta, as she is a minor character.

Roberta was included in the 1988 television series Ramona, which ran for a total of ten episodes. The series follows third grader Ramona Quimby portrayed by actress Sarah Polley and her struggles with everyday life. Roberta, did not appear until the tenth and final episode of the series, Siblingitis. Her actress was unknown. In the books, the family of five lives on Klickitat Street, which is an actual street in Portland, Oregon. In Grant Park, there are statues of Ramona, Ribsy, and Henry with plaques naming all the books in the Ramona and Henry Huggins series.

Roberta in the books

Roberta has a minor role in the series, first appearing in Ramona Forever. Little Roberta is the smallest Quimby in the household; it takes a lot of work to care for her. The first time Ramona tried to feed Roberta, Roberta spit peas on her face. Roberta did learn one thing from her sister Ramona: how to stick out her tongue. Roberta made her final appearance in Ramona's World, the last installment of the series of eight books. Roberta has a playful personality. In the final book Roberta got her head stuck inside a cat scratching post and Ramona tried everything to get her out. The one thing she manages was to do it while reciting Roberta's favorite nursery rhyme "Three Little Kittens".

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