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Rudra: Boom Chick Chick Boom
Directed by
  • Sumit Das & Akshay Chavan
Voices of Rohan Jadhav (Rudra) Shailendra Pandey
Vinod Kulkarni
Shalini Seuli Sridhar
Bhakti Jhaveri
Mukesh Pandey
Ghanshayam N. Shukla
Theme music composer Simaab Sen
Country of origin India
Original language(s)
  • Hindi
  • Tamil
  • Telugu
  • Kannada
  • Bengali
  • Gujarati
  • Malayalam
  • Marathi
No. of episodes 160+
Producer(s) Satvik garg(new)
Running time 22 minutes (1,300 s) & 44 minutes (2,600 s) (length of a single episode)
Production company(s) Green Gold Animations
Original network Nickelodeon
Original release 11 June 2018 (2018-06-11)

Rudra: Boom Chick Chick Boom, or simply Rudra is an Indian animated television series produced by Green Gold Animation for Nickelodeon. It premiered on 11 June 2018 on Nickelodeon. The show is about a nine year old boy who is learning how to harness his true powers. The show was launched simultaneously in eight Indian languages — Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Bengali, Gujarati, Malayalam and Marathi. The directors are Akshay Sanjeev Chavan and Animation director Rishi Chadha and Sumit Das.


The story is about a 9-year-old magician named Rudra, who lives in the magical city of Sun City with his grandfather Jai Singh Chauhan. The series revolves around Rudra and his best friends Maira and Varun learning new magic every day from Rudra's grandfather and using the magic to defeat the evil magician Shakaal and his minions who are always stirring up trouble in town to stop Rudra from harnessing his true powers. Rudra is the hero of Sun City.


The series is premised in the fictional magical cities named Sun City and Kaal City. Sun City is a quaint little peaceful town full of happiness and good-hearted people. It has laughter filled fun fairs, a bustling market area, beautiful magical looking houses, a giant library and overlooking it all is Jai Singh Chauhan’s massive castle. Kaal City on the other hand is the darker side of the town. It is ruled by Shakaal and people there are often unhappy with the load of robberies and wrong doings that go on in the town. There is a large stadium between the two cities where kids from the cities often compete against each other in a flying soccer game.


No. Movies Date
1 Rudra Boom Chik Chik Boom: Dawn of the Dangerous Dongreela 23 December 2018
2 Rudra and Return of the Cage Magician 27 January 2019
3 Rudra the Rise of King Pharaoh 4 September 2019
4 Rudra and Magical Painting 8 October 2019
5 Rudra Trapped in Mirror World 26 January 2020
6 Rudra and Secret of Blackmoon 24 May 2020
7 Rudra and the Dragons of Unknown Valley 15 August 2020
8 Rudra School Admission Conspiracy 25 December 2020
9 Rudra: The Search of Golden Owl 26 January 2021


  • Rudra Singh Chauhan: The true successor of the powers and kingdom of Jai Singh, Rudra is a kind-hearted and intelligent 9-year-old boy who is eventually seen as the brave guardian of Sun City. Extremely hard working and always striving to learn what his grandfather has to teach him. A true friend and an ideal grandson to his grandfather.
  • Jai Singh Chauhan: He is the patriarch of Sun City and Rudra’s loving grandfather. Not only does he want to raise his grandson as a good human being, but also wishes to make him the successor and the protector of Sun City. He is keen on passing his age-old magical knowledge to his grandson as he sees Rudra as his worthiest successor. He is the protector of the town and lovingly called “dadaji” by the entire town.
  • Shakaal (villain): Shakaal is the Ruler of Kaal city and always wanted to capture Sun City. He one of the enemies of Jai Singh Chauhan and Rudra. Nobody of the people of Kaal city like him. But whenever he is in trouble he takes the help of Rudra.
  • Varun: Varun is one of Rudra’s best friends. He is the same age as Rudra. He is a loyal friend and always has his back. He is often the target of Maira’s magic that tends to misfire.
  • Maira: Maira is Rudra’s girl best friend and has a strong crush on Rudra. Maira is a brave, strong, and determined girl. She also sacrifices her life for her friends specially for Rudra. Although brave and forever eager to help, her magic always backfires and lands Rudra and Varun in trouble. But this never demoralizes her to help her friends.
  • Zoga: The right-hand man of Shakaal, he is a comedian and has a hunch back.
  • Rangeela: Rangeela is Jai Singh’s loyal henchman and house help. He is an optimistic magician who is not so powerful. He wishes to learn magic from Jai Singh but Jai Singh doesn’t believe him to be ready and powerful enough. As an attempt to learn, he secretly tries to imitate the magician and learn the tricks, but the spells tend to backfire.
  • Ching Li: Ching Li is the chef of the Sun City palace.
  • Sapola: Sapola is Shakaal’s snake but remains disguised as Shakaal’s wooden staff. He can fly when needed and carries out all the work that Shakaal entrusts him with. He is Shakaal’s spy.
  • Shakleena: She is sister of Shakaal.
  • Joddy : He is son of Shakleena.
  • Jenny: She is daughter of Shakleena.
  • Zim and Zum: Zim and Zum are Rudra’s pet squirrels. They can talk and have the power to control natural vegetation.
  • Alazar Sir: Alazar Sir is the Magician librarian of Magical Books library. He is a very wise man and provides information to Rudra about magical books.
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