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Native to Finland, Norway, Sweden, and Russia
Region Sápmi (Lapland)
Ethnicity Sami people
Native speakers Approximately 20,000–30,000  (date missing)
Language family
  • Sami
Official status
Official language in Sweden and some parts of Norway; recognized as a minority language in several municipalities of Finland.
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Historically verified distribution of the Sami languages: 1. Southern Sami, 2. Ume Sami, 3. Pite Sami, 4. Lule Sami, 5. Northern Sami, 6. Skolt Sami, 7. Inari Sami, 8. Kildin Sami, 9. Ter Sami. Darkened area represents municipalities that recognize Sami as an official language.

The Sami language is spoken by the Samis, the indigenous peoples of Northern Europe. It is spoken in Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Russia. It is related to the Finnish, the Estonian, and the Hungarian language.

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