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Marble pattern 009
Scagliola marble pattern
Kempten St. Lorenz - Chorgestühl 13
Choir stall decoration using scagliola technique, pre-1670. Kempten St. Lorenz Basilica

Scagliola (from the Italian scaglia, meaning "chips"), is an artificial way of imitating marble and other precious material. It is a decorative building material.

Stucco columns, sculptures, and other architectural elements can be made by scagliola. It came into fashion in 17th-century Tuscany.

Scagliola is a composite substance made from selenite, glue and natural pigments, imitating marble and other hard stones. The material may be veined with colours and stuck on to a core, or patterns may be carved into a prepared scagliola matrix. The pattern is then then filled with the coloured, plaster-like composite. Then it is polished with flax oil for brightness, and wax for protection. The whole thing gives a richness of colour not easy to get in natural marbles.

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