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The posts of shadow United States Senator and shadow United States Representative are held by elected or appointed government officials from subnational polities of the United States that do not have congressional vote. While these officials are not seated in either chamber of Congress, they seek for their political office to gain voting rights in Congress.

Washington D.C.

The current Shadow Senators of the District of Columbia Paul Strauss (left) and Michael Donald Brown (right)
Shadow Rep. Garcia
The current Shadow Representative of the District of Columbia Franklin Garcia

List of District of Columbia Senators (Seat 1)

List of District of Columbia Senators (Seat 2)

List of District of Columbia Shadow U.S. Representatives

  • Charles Moreland (D), 1991–1995
  • John Capozzi, Jr. (D), 1995–1997
  • Sabrina Sojourner (D), 1997–1999
  • Tom Bryant, Jr. (D), 1999–2001
  • Ray Browne (D), 2001–2007
  • Mike Panetta (D), 2007–2013
  • Nate Bennett-Fleming (D), 2013–2015
  • Franklin Garcia (D), 2015–present

Puerto Rico

Carlos Romero Barcelo (cropped)
One of the current Shadow Senators of Puerto Rico is Carlos Romero Barceló

List of Puerto Rico Senators

List of Puerto Rico U.S. Representatives

  • Luis Fortuño, 1st (NPP/R) 2017–present
  • Charlie Rodríguez, 2nd (NPP/D) 2017–present
  • Luis Berríos-Amadeo, 3rd (I), 2019–present

Former U.S. Representatives

  • Pedro Rosselló, 4th (NPP/D), 2017–2019
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