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Show Me What You're Made Of
Genre Children
Starring Stacey Dooley
Country of origin United Kingdom
No. of series 7
No. of episodes 35
Running time 28 minutes
Original network CBBC (2012–)

CBBC HD (2013–)

BBC One (2011–2012)
Picture format 576i
Original release 12 December 2011 (2011-12-12) – present
Related shows Stacey Dooley Investigates
Blood, Sweat and T-shirts

Show Me What You're Made Of is a CBBC documentary series hosted by Stacey Dooley. The series follows British children as they go around the world to experience some of the world's toughest jobs for themselves. Each series is filmed in a different place around the world. As of 2017, seven series have aired. The first series aired on 12 December 2011.


The series was originally broadcast on BBC one for the first series until the BBC stopped children's broadcasting on BBC one. The show then moved to CBBC and CBBC HD from the second series onwards.

Series overview

Series Episodes Originally aired
First aired Last aired
1 5 12 December 2011 16 December 2011
2 5 10 December 2012 14 December 2012
3 5 2 December 2013 6 December 2013
4 5 15 December 2014 19 January 2015
5 5 October 2015 November 2015
6 5 November 2016 December 2016
7 5 17 April 2017 15 May 2017


Series Episode (in series) Episode (overall) Title Notes
1 1 1 Toys Milly and Jonas are demoted, Nia gets a wage
1 2 2 Clothes Jonas and Nathaniel are demoted, Emma, Milly and Nia get a wage
1 3 3 Jewellery Jonas and Nathaniel are fired
1 4 4 Electronics
1 5 5 Silk
2 1 6 Trainers Jade is ill, Mattie and Ellie are fired and Ewan and Callum get a wage
2 2 7 Cosmetics Ellie gets a wage
2 3 8 Jeans Ewan, Callum and Jade get a wage
2 4 9 Tuna Ewan and Callum are demoted but get promoted, Ellie gets demoted and Ewan, Callum, Jade and Mattie get a wage
2 5 10 Chocolate The group are demoted but get promoted and Callum and Ellie get a wage
3 1 11 Bikes Michael, Olly and Mali are demoted, Kassia and Rhianna get a wage
3 2 12 Prawns Michael, Olly and Rhianna are demoted, Kassia and Mali get a wage
3 3 13 Technology Michael is fired (though later returns), Olly and Mali are demoted and Kassia and Mali get a wage
3 4 14 Cattle Michael, Rhianna and Mali are demoted on the first task, but the whole group are given a wage
3 5 15 Hats The group are demoted, but all receive a wage
4 1 16 Cocoa Jasmine and Emily are demoted, Jasmine and Robbie get a wage.
4 2 17 E-Waste The group get demoted but Robbie and Edward get a wage.
4 3 18 Pineapple Farm Emily and Edward get demoted, Robbie gets to supervise and the whole group are given a wage
4 4 19 Clothing and Skateboard Factory Emily, Jasmine, Kathryn and Robbie are demoted, Edward, Jasmine and Robbie get a wage
4 5 20 Diamonds Kathryn and Emily get demoted though the whole group are given a wage.
5 1 21 Strawberries We meet the five children, Noah, Hansa and Kazia would be offered a job but Safia and Josh wouldn't.
5 2 22 Textiles Noah does well again and becomes in charge of the group, he would get offered a job, however, the other four wouldn't.
5 3 23 Buses Noah is unable to do the first task due to an allergic reaction to peanuts, Kazia and Hansa do not do good work on the first task, however the first task was a night shift and the second task was in the day so the children coped better. Noah however did not do as well as he had done in previous episodes as he said that "cleaning was not his thing". Safia and Josh would be given a job with Josh being the star employee.
5 4 24 Fish Factory
5 5 25 Clothes
6 1 26 Bags We meet five new teens Ellie McHugh, Alice Marosi, Faith Jamieson,Joe Hannay and Sam Evans. Ellie and Sam, get demoted and Faith was upset about the conditions of where she was staying for the night at a local home in Cambodia.
6 2 27 Coffee Alice and Sam got demoted , with Faith as supervisor for the demoted two, Ellie refuses to work at a tribal farm but eventually feeds some pigs, All but Sam got a wage at the end.
6 3 28 Onesies It was against boys and girls .Girls got promoted and Boys got demoted .The girls had a day at the local school nearby. Only Ellie got a wage at the factory.
6 4 29 Tea Sam got fired after not doing the first job properly and nobody got a wage due to the damage caused to the tea leaves during the first task ,which damaged at least £150 of leaves.
6 5 30 Fish The teens didn't do the fish cans properly but no one was demoted or promoted . Ellie, Sam and Alice do the most gruesome job at the factory, Ellie and Alice mess around and we see Ellie chase people with fish? At the end all of the group earned a wage from the factory.
7 1
7 2
7 3
7 4
7 5
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