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Slide could be related to any of these.

  • Photographic slide - a thin translucent photograph bound in paper, plastic or similar frame and often used for projection with use of a slide projector for a slideshow.
  • Slide (website) - a website that offers groups the ability to discover, share, and talk about photos together.
  • Landslide - the movement of soil, mud or rock down a slope.
  • Slide rule - a simple analog calculator.
  • Slide trombone, a musical instrument, see also slide (wind instrument).
  • Slide guitar - a method of playing guitar, see also slide (guitar).
  • Slide whistle - a musical/wind instrument.
  • Microscope slide - a thin glass sheet used to hold objects for examination.
  • Water slide - a popular water sport.
  • Dark slide - a skateboarding trick.
  • Slide (dance) – a popping dance move giving the impression of gliding around effortlessly.
  • Jakarta Slide - a Content Management System software.
  • Pistol slide - the upper half of a pistol that contains the barrel.
  • Playground slide - a smooth, sloped surface down which (usually) children slide while sitting down.
  • Slide (baseball) - in baseball, dropping to the ground when going into a base to avoid a tag.
  • Slide (band) - American rock band of the 1990s.
  • Slide - a single by the Goo Goo Dolls.
  • Slide (song) - a song by Dido on the album No Angel. This is not a cover version of any other song entitled Slide.
  • Step Back/Slide - a double a-side single by Superheist
  • Slide - an album by Lisa Germano
  • A 'slide edit' - a video editing term for moving a clip around in a timeline.
  • Another word for a linear bearing.
  • A Sliding tackle
  • Slide (Sword of Truth) - a magically created creature from The Sword of Truth series.
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