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Solidago leiocarpa
Solidago leiocarpa BB-1913.png
1913 illustration
Scientific classification
  • Solidago cutleri Fernald
  • Solidago virgaurea var. alpina Bigelow

Solidago leiocarpa, common name Cutler's alpine goldenrod, is a plant species native to mountainous portions of Québec, northern New England, and northern New York State. It is generally found at elevations over 800 m (2400 feet).

Solidago leiocarpa is closely related to the more widespread S. multiradiata, distinguished by the shape of the phyllaries surrounding the flower heads. Solidago leiocarpais a perennial herb up to 35 cm (14 inches) tall. One plant can have as many as 160 small yellow flower heads in a flat-topped or conical array.

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