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Solitude Range
Highest point
Peak Mount Stephenson
Elevation 2,037 m (6,683 ft)
Area 766 km2 (296 sq mi)
Location British Columbia, Canada
Parent range Hart Ranges

Solitude Range, is a subdivision range of the Hart Ranges, of the Northern Rockies in British Columbia, Canada. The boundaries of the Solitude Range generally lie between the Murray Range and Mountain Creek to the west, Le Moray Creek to the east, the Pine River to the north and Mount Merrick to the south.

Several mountains in the range are named after local area Canadian soldiers killed in action during World War II.

Prominent Peaks

Official Mountains of the Solitude Range
Ranking Mountain Peak Coordinates Elevation Prominence Isolation Nearest Higher Neighbor
1 Mount Stephenson 55°24′53″N 122°17′56″W 2,037 m

6,683 ft

855 m

2,805 ft

22.0 km S Grant Peak
2 Howling Wolves Peak 55°19′49″N 122°7′48″W 1,994 m

6,542 ft

557 m

1,827 ft

14.2 km WNW Mount Stephenson
3 Mount Gilliland 55°21′19″N 122°11′55″W 1,940 m

6,365 ft

516 m

1,693 ft

5.2 km ESE Howling Wolves Peak
4 Watson Peak 55°13′41″N 122°5′23″W 1,923 m

6,309 ft

611 m

2,005 ft

8.5 km W Unnamed Peak
5 Goodrich Peak 55°20′53″N 122°4′52″W 1,888 m

6,194 ft

233 m

764 ft

3.7 km WSW Howling Wolves Peak
6 Brazion Peak 55°19′33″N 122°9′41″W 1,813 m

5,948 ft

264 m

866 ft

1.4 ENE Howling Wolves Peak
7 Mount Merrick 55°10′58″N 121°55′39″W 1,747 m

5,732 ft

753 m

2,470 ft

9.4 km W Unnamed Peak
8 Mount Le Moray 55°27′8″N 122°28′39″W 1,728 m

5,669 ft

348 m

1,142 ft

12.0 km ESE Unnamed Peak
9 Pyramis Peak 55°30′60″N 122°26′28″W 1,723 m

5,653 ft

216 m

709 ft

7.5 km SSW Mount Le Moray
10 Solitude Mountain 55°29′22″N 122°36′24″W 1,574 m

5,164 ft

564 m

1,850 ft

5.9 km SSW Unnamed Peak
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