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The following table lists all the named streams that flow in Armstrong County. For each stream, the name, coordinate of the source, name of the stream it flows into, coordinate of the confluence, and political subdivision in which the confluence is located are given.

Name Source Flows into Mouth Location
Allegheny River 41°52′22″N 77°52′30″W Ohio River 40°26′36″N 80°00′54″W Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Armstrong Run 41°01′06″N 79°38′18″W Allegheny River 41°00′43″N 79°36′33″W Perry Township
Beers Run 40°41′01″N 79°31′16″W Crooked Creek 40°41′51″N 79°30′17″W Burrell Township
Big Run 40°43′25″N 79°39′18″W Allegheny River 40°40′52″N 79°40′11″W South Buffalo Township
Birch Run 41°01′16″N 79°37′49″W Allegheny River 41°02′00″N 79°37′09″W Perry Township
Brady Run 40°40′04″N 79°34′39″W Kiskiminetas River 40°37′57″N 79°36′33″W Leechburg
Buffalo Creek 40°56′46″N 79°47′19″W Allegheny River 40°40′11″N 79°41′34″W Freeport
Bullock Run 40°54′42″N 79°25′44″W North Fork Pine Creek 40°52′48″N 79°26′28″W Boggs Township
Camp Run 40°53′40″N 79°17′33″W Mahoning Creek 40°55′29″N 79°17′23″W Wayne Township
Campbell Run 40°44′35″N 79°27′02″W Crooked Creek 40°43′43″N 79°32′13″W Manor Township
Carnahan Run 40°37′50″N 79°28′34″W Kiskiminetas River 40°36′44″N 79°35′02″W Parks Township
Cathcart Run 40°59′15″N 79°18′06″W Mahoning Creek 40°57′25″N 79°18′45″W Mahoning Township
Cave Run 40°55′43″N 79°22′24″W Mahoning Creek 40°56′19″N 79°22′19″W Mahoning Township
Cessna Run 40°46′20″N 79°19′32″W South Branch Plum Creek 40°42′14″N 79°19′09″W Plumcreek Township
Cherry Run 40°44′57″N 79°20′40″W Crooked Creek 40°40′25″N 79°27′32″W Burrell Township
Coal Bank Run 40°41′22″N 79°31′19″W Crooked Creek 40°42′12″N 79°30′41″W Bethel Township
Cornplanter Run 40°46′19″N 79°44′06″W Buffalo Creek 40°45′16″N 79°40′21″W South Buffalo Township
Cove Run 41°00′58″N 79°39′48″W Sugar Creek 40°59′15″N 79°38′03″W Bradys Bend Township
Cowanshannock Creek 40°49′34″N 79°10′32″W Allegheny River 40°51′04″N 79°30′28″W Gosford
Craig Run 40°36′12″N 79°22′30″W Crooked Creek 40°38′08″N 79°24′00″W South Bend Township
Craigs Run 40°49′40″N 79°18′30″W Cowanshannock Creek 40°47′42″N 79°18′36″W Rural Valley
Crooked Creek 40°41′44″N 79°04′43″W Allegheny River 40°44′57″N 79°33′18″W Bethel Township Manor Township
Deaver Run 40°52′12″N 79°23′59″W South Fork Pine Creek 40°51′08″N 79°25′16″W Boggs Township Valley Township
Dutch Run 40°42′29″N 79°14′39″W Plum Creek 40°41′12″N 79°19′41″W Plumcreek Township
Elbow Run 40°44′06″N 79°27′27″W Crooked Creek 40°43′05″N 79°29′43″W Kittaning Township
Elder Run 40°41′23″N 79°34′21″W Kiskiminetas River 40°38′52″N 79°37′33″W Gilpin Township
Fagley Run 40°41′04″N 79°22′48″W Crooked Creek 40°39′07″N 79°25′24″W Burrell Township
Flat Run 40°34′06″N 79°28′16″W Kiskiminetas River 40°32′10″N 79°30′17″W Kiskiminetas Township
Foundry Run 40°55′55″N 79°11′20″W Mahoning Creek 40°54′37″N 79°13′15″W Wayne Township
Garretts Run 40°45′32″N 79°27′22″W Allegheny River 40°47′40″N 79°31′02″W Manor Township
Glade Run 40°50′42″N 79°12′23″W Mahoning Creek 40°54′53″N 79°15′47″W Wayne Township
Glade Run 40°54′17″N 79°34′24″W Allegheny River 40°45′08″N 79°34′06″W Cadogan Township
Gobblers Run 40°37′11″N 79°18′39″W Crooked Creek 40°38′03″N 79°21′37″W South Bend Township
Guffy Run 40°40′46″N 79°33′25″W Kiskiminetas River 40°37′59″N 79°34′54″W Gilpin Township Parks Township
Hamilton Run 40°58′46″N 79°19′44″W Mahoning Creek 40°57′00″N 79°19′16″W Mahoning Township near Putneyville
Hart Run 40°57′00″N 79°38′30″W Sugar Creek 40°59′16″N 79°37′57″W Bradys Bend Township
Hays Run 40°50′29″N 79°26′33″W Allegheny River 40°51′44″N 79°28′59″W Rayburn Township
Hill Run 40°43′44″N 79°37′55″W Allegheny River 40°41′41″N 79°37′15″W South Buffalo Township
Holder Run 40°57′43″N 79°40′30″W Sugar Creek 40°59′10″N 79°38′16″W Bradys Bend Township
Horney Camp Run 40°43′43″N 79°27′09″W Crooked Creek 40°42′30″N 79°29′59″W Burrell Township
Huling Run 40°54′47″N 79°35′17″W Allegheny River 40°59′01″N 79°34′32″W Washington Township
Huskins Run 40°45′16″N 79°20′40″W Cowanshannock Creek 40°47′54″N 79°22′14″W Cowanshannock Township
Knapp Run 40°43′39″N 79°38′14″W Allegheny River 40°41′44″N 79°38′46″W South Buffalo Township
Kiskiminetas River 40°29′08″N 79°27′14″W Allegheny River 40°40′46″N 79°40′01″W near Freeport, Pennsylvania
Laurel Run 40°50′03″N 79°23′05″W South Fork Pine Creek 40°50′40″N 79°23′58″W Boggs Township Valley Township
Limestone Run 40°54′58″N 79°33′10″W Allegheny River 40°51′21″N 79°30′28″W East Franklin Township
Lindsay Run 40°36′35″N 79°24′02″W Crooked Creek 40°38′05″N 79°24′07″W South Bend Township
Little Mudlick Creek 40°59′52″N 79°15′25″W Mahoning Creek 40°57′10″N 79°18′09″W Redbank Township
Little Sandy Creek 41°01′39″N 78°57′31″W Redbank Creek 41°02′44″N 79°13′48″W Redbank Township
Long Run 40°35′52″N 79°25′26″W Kiskiminetas River 40°32′00″N 79°28′34″W Kiskiminetas Township
Long Run 40°40′28″N 79°24′38″W Fagley Run 40°39′14″N 79°25′14″W South Bend Township
Long Run 40°54′31″N 79°35′33″W Patterson Creek 40°52′03″N 79°38′15″W West Franklin Township
Long Run 40°59′39″N 79°41′54″W Sugar Creek 40°58′49″N 79°40′24″W Bradys Bend Township
Long Run 40°49′39″N 79°23′15″W Cowanshannock Creek 40°48′34″N 79°24′40″W Valley Township
Mahoning Creek 40°58′26″N 78°51′22″W Allegheny River 40°55′59″N 79°27′40″W Madison Township and Pine Township
Marrowbone Run 40°46′50″N 79°37′15″W Buffalo Creek 40°47′37″N 79°39′06″W North Buffalo Township
Mast Run 40°57′47″N 79°31′07″W Allegheny River 40°56′49″N 79°32′39″W Madison Township
Mill Run 40°45′57″N 79°23′30″W Cowanshannock Creek 40°48′29″N 79°27′47″W Rayburn Township
Mudlick Creek 41°01′14″N 79°13′25″W Pine Run 40°57′45″N 79°15′09″W Redbank Township
Nicholson Run 40°47′09″N 79°36′19″W Allegheny River 40°43′34″N 79°35′13″W South Buffalo Township
Nolf Run 41°00′11″N 79°12′24″W Little Sandy Creek 41°02′21″N 79°13′06″W Redbank Township
North Branch Cherry Run 40°45′21″N 79°26′53″W Cherry Run 40°41′08″N 79°25′33″W Burrell Township
North Branch Plum Creek 40°49′33″N 79°10′02″W Keystone Lake 40°43′13″N 79°18′09″W Plumcreek Township
North Branch South Fork Pine Creek 40°51′03″N 79°15′52″W South Fork Pine Creek 40°50′58″N 79°19′43″W Wayne Township near Echo.
North Fork Pine Creek 40°53′26″N 79°19′48″W Pine Creek 40°52′27″N 79°28′06″W Boggs Township
Nye Branch 40°56′37″N 79°09′29″W Sugarcamp Run 40°57′45″N 79°13′17″W Redbank Township
Patterson Creek 40°57′11″N 79°40′51″W Buffalo Creek 40°51′06″N 79°38′17″W West Franklin Township
Pine Creek 40°52′27″N 79°28′08″W Allegheny River 40°52′16″N 79°28′41″W Boggs Township Rayburn Township
Pine Run 40°43′04″N 79°26′45″W Crooked Creek 40°41′15″N 79°28′28″W Burrell Township
Pine Run 41°00′57″N 79°40′32″W Sugar Creek 40°59′10″N 79°39′15″W Bradys Bend Township
Pine Run 40°46′33″N 79°37′33″W Buffalo Creek 40°43′59″N 79°40′46″W South Buffalo Township
Pine Run 40°58′10″N 79°06′29″W Mahoning Creek 40°56′47″N 79°16′39″W Redbank Township
Plum Creek 40°43′14″N 79°18′09″W Crooked Creek 40°39′56″N 79°19′45″W Plumcreek Township
Rattling Run 40°36′40″N 79°30′30″W Roaring Run 40°33′39″N 79°31′38″W Kiskiminetas Township
Redbank Creek 41°09′30″N 79°04′36″W Allegheny River 40°58′55″N 79°33′00″W Madison Township
Roaring Run 40°36′18″N 79°26′27″W Kiskiminetas River 40°33′04″N 79°32′10″W Kiskiminetas Township
Rough Run 40°49′13″N 79°48′14″W Buffalo Creek 40°47′05″N 79°41′16″W North Buffalo Township
Rupp Run 40°46′25″N 79°26′39″W Garretts Run 40°47′03″N 79°29′42″W Manor Township
Scrubgrass Creek 40°54′45″N 79°19′29″W Mahoning Creek 40°55′33″N 79°25′26″W Mahoning Station, Pine Township
Sipes Run 40°47′09″N 79°40′28″W Buffalo Creek 40°46′09″N 79°40′22″W South Buffalo Township
Snyders Run 40°56′28″N 79°35′48″W Allegheny River 40°58′12″N 79°35′22″W Bradys Bend Township
South Branch Cowanshannock Creek 40°49′15″N 79°10′40″W Cowanshannock Creek 40°47′51″N 79°15′55″W Cowanshannock Township
South Branch Plum Creek 40°47′13″N 79°04′34″W Plum Creek 40°43′13″N 79°18′09″W Plumcreek Township
South Branch South Fork Pine Creek 40°49′13″N 79°16′33″W South Fork Pine Creek 40°50′58″N 79°19′43″W Wayne Township
South Fork Pine Creek 40°50′58″N 79°19′42″W Pine Creek 40°52′27″N 79°28′06″W Rayburn Township
Spra Run 40°45′54″N 79°23′04″W Cowanshannock Creek 40°48′39″N 79°25′08″W Valley Township
Spruce Run 40°51′03″N 79°14′26″W Cowanshannock Creek 40°49′01″N 79°14′41″W Cowanshannock Township
Spur Run 40°40′55″N 79°33′17″W Taylor Run 40°42′08″N 79°33′22″W Bethel Township
Sugar Creek 40°58′11″N 79°42′33″W Allegheny River 40°59′31″N 79°36′49″W Bradys Bend Township
Sugar Run 40°40′39″N 79°22′39″W Crooked Creek 40°38′15″N 79°24′18″W South Bend Township
Sugarcamp Run 40°59′40″N 79°13′05″W Mudlick Creek 40°57′43″N 79°14′13″W Redbank Township
Taylor Run 40°40′37″N 79°31′38″W Allegheny River 40°42′28″N 79°34′49″W Bethel Township
Tub Mill Run 40°45′43″N 79°30′36″W Allegheny River 40°45′23″N 79°32′50″W Manor Township
Watson Run 40°43′24″N 79°37′22″W Allegheny River 40°42′07″N 79°36′19″W South Buffalo Township
Whiskey Run 41°00′52″N 79°38′28″W Sugar Creek 40°59′57″N 79°37′28″W Bradys Bend Township
Wiskey Creek 40°55′06″N 79°26′06″W Allegheny River 40°55′12″N 79°27′48″W Pine Township
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