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Striped burrowing frog
Cyclorana alboguttata.jpg
Conservation status
Scientific classification
Cyclorana alboguttata distrib.png
  • Chiroleptes alboguttatus
  • Mitrolysis alboguttatus
  • Chiroleptes albopunctatus
  • Litoria alboguttata
  • Brendanura alboguttata
  • Cyclorana alboguttata
  • Litoria (Cyclorana) alboguttata
  • Dryopsophus alboguttatus

The striped burrowing frog, greenstripe frog, or Australian striped treefrog (Ranoidea alboguttata) is a tree frog from Australia. It lives in Queensland, New South Wales and the Northern Territory.

This frog lives in forests and in grasslands that are covered in water for part of the year. They spend a lot of time aboveground when it there is a lot of rain or water around, and they spend more time underground near ponds when the weather is dry. This frog can stay underground for years waiting for rainy weather.

Scientists believe this frog lays eggs in bodies of water and the tadpoles grow into frogs before these bodies of water dry up.

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