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Sunes jul
Genre Comedy, Family
Written by Anders Jacobsson
Sören Olsson
Directed by Stephan Apelgren
Narrated by Anders Jacobsson
Sören Olsson
Theme music composer Thomas Lindahl
Country of origin Sweden
Original language(s) Swedish
No. of episodes 24
Producer(s) Caisa Westling
Running time 15 minutes
Distributor Sveriges Television
Original network SVT1
Original release 1 December (1991-12-01) – 24 December 1991 (1991-12-24)
Preceded by Kurt Olssons julkalender (1990)
Followed by Klasses julkalender (1992)

Sunes jul (Swedish for: Sune's Christmas) was the 1991 SVT Christmas calendar. In 2004, it was later released to DVD. In 2007, it was voted the third best Julkalender ever in Aftonbladet. It is based on the books series about the boy Sune by Anders Jacobsson and Sören Olsson.

The series was viewed by over 3 000 000 viewers, which back then was an all-time record for SVT's Christmas calendar.


  • Andreas Hoffer as Karl Sune Rudolf Andersson
  • Anders Jacobsson as Speaker
  • Sören Olsson as Speaker
  • Peter Haber as Rudolf Andersson
  • Carina Lidbom as Karin Andersson
  • Gabriel Odenhammar as Håkan Andersson
  • Nina Almlöf as Anna Andersson
  • Rebecka Liljeberg as Sophie Blixt
  • Calle Torén as Sune's Friend
  • Anette Stenson-Fjordefalk as the lady teacher
  • Jimmy Karlsson as Jocke
  • Pär Ericson as the Principal
  • Måns Herngren as Staffan Stolledräng
  • Åke Lindström as Santa Claus


  1. Julkortet (The Christmas Photography)
  2. Sophie! (Sophie!)
  3. Tjejgrej (Girly Thing)
  4. Hockeyklubban (The Hockey Stick)
  5. Skidvallan (The Ski Wax)
  6. Skrik- och gapsjukan (Shout- and Gape Disease)
  7. Partyt (The Party)
  8. Julbordet (The Christmas Dinner)
  9. Rollen (The Role)
  10. Julspelet (The Nativity Play)
  11. Varuhuset (The Department Store)
  12. Krig! (War!)
  13. Lucia (Saint Lucy)
  14. Julbaket (The Christmas Baking)
  15. Pulkapappa (Pulk Father)
  16. Julstädning (Christmas Cleaning)
  17. Farmor och farfar (Grandmother and Grandfather)
  18. Julgranen (The Christmas Tree)
  19. Julpynt (Christmas Decorations)
  20. Skolavslutningen (The Graduation)
  21. Julrim (Christmas Rhyme)
  22. I kyrkan (In Church)
  23. Dan-före-dan (The Day Before the Day)
  24. Julafton (Christmas Eve)


Recordings began in March 1991.

Home video

In 1992 the series was released to VHS with the title "Sunes vecka", with rereleases in 1993 and 1999, and in 2002 it was released to DVD in two parts, with volume 1 in a red box and volume 2 in a green box. The film Sune's Summer was released to DVD on 20 October 2004, and in 2008 a DVD with both "Sunes jul" and "Sune's Summer was released", with both volumes on the same edition.

Episode 20; Skolavslutning, is not on any DVD edition.

Home video releases

Number Title Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode 3 Episode 4 Episode 5 Release year
1 "Sunes vecka 1 : potatisgratäng" Julkortet Sophie Skidvallan Tjejgrej Hockeyklubban 1992
2 "Sunes vecka 2 : morotsgratäng" - - - - - 1992
3 "Sunes vecka 3 : broccoligratäng"  ?  ?  ?  ?  ? 1992
4 "Sunes vecka 4 : ingen gratäng" I kyrkan Dan före dan Julafton - - 1992
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