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Tasmanian tree frog
Litoria burrowsae.jpg
Conservation status
Scientific classification
Lit burrowsae distribution.PNG
Tasmanian tree frog range.
  • Hyla burrowsi Scott, 1942
  • Litoria burrowsi Tyler, 1971
  • Saganura burrowsi Wells and Wellington, 1985
  • Litoria burrowsae Shea, 1988

The Tasmanian tree frog or Burrow's tree frog (Litoria burrowsae) is a frog from Tasmania. They live in high grasslands and forests near ponds and dams.

Adult frogs are 6 cm long, green with brown marks.

They lay eggs in groups on underwater plants in still water or water that only moves slowly. The eggs take 6 days to hatch.

In 2018 and 2019, scientists from the Australian Museum asked people in Tasmania to go outside and record frog calls on their phones using FrogID in a citizen science project.

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