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Tenpō (天保) was a Japanese era name (年号,, nengō,, lit. "year name"), also known as Tempō, after Bunsei and before Kōka. The period started in December 1830 and ended in December 1844. During this time, the emperor was Ninko-tennō (仁孝天皇).

The nengō Tenpō means "Heavenly Protection".

Events of the Tenpō era

In the 8th year of Tenpō, the Morrison anchored off Uraga in Tokyo Bay
  • 1833-1836 (Tenpō 4-7): Great Tenpō Famine
  • 1835 (Tenpō 6): Copper coins called Tenpō-tsūhō were minted.
  • 20 July 1835 (Tenpō 6, 7th day of the 6th month): Earthquake in Sanriku (Latitude: 37.900/Longitude: 141.900), 7.6 magnitude on the Richter Scale.
  • 1837-1843 (Tenpō 8-14): Gold and silver coins called Tenpō-kingin were minted.
  • 1837 (Tenpō 8): Tokugawa Ieyoshi became the 12th shogun of the Tokugawa shogunate.
  • 1837 (Tenpō 8): Uprising led by Ōshio Heihachirō was known as Tempo Jiken and Ikuta Yorozu
  • 1837 (Tenpō 8): Morrison Incident — an American ship shelled by cannon fire from Uraga and Kagoshima
  • 1837 (Tenpō 8): Tokugawa Yoshinobu was born
  • 12 December 1840 (Tenpō 11, 19th day of the 11th month): Former-Emperor Kōkaku died.
  • 25 April 1843 (Tenpō 14, 25th day of the 3rd month): Earthquake in Hokkaido (Latitude: 41.800/Longitude: 144.800), 8.4 magnitude on the Richter Scale.
  • 1844 (Tenpō 15): Errors in the lunar calendar were corrected. The new calendar was called the Tenpō-Jinin. It was in use in Japan until 1872 when the Gregorian calendar was adopted.

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