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Tenshō (天正) was a Japanese era name (年号,, nengō,, lit. "year" name) after Genki and before Bunroku. This period started in July 1573 and ended in December 1592. During this time, the emperors were Ōgimachi-tennō (正親町天皇) and Go-Yōzei-tennō (後陽成天皇).

The nengō Tenshō means "Heavenly Virtue".

Events of the Tenshō era

Tensho oban
Gold coins minted during Tenshō era

Oda Nobunaga suggested that a new era should begin in 1573. The general meaning of Tenshō was "heavenly righteousness".

  • 1573 (Tenshō 1, 7th month): Shogun Ashikaga Yoshiaki became a Buddhist priest.
  • 1576 (Tenshō 3, 5th month): Battle of Nagashino.
  • 1576 (Tenshō 4): Takeda Katuyori ordered the rebuilding of the Asama Shrine at the base of Mount Fuji in Suruga province.
  • 1582 (Tenshō 10): Oda Nobunaga orders the destroyed of structures built by Takeda at the Asama Shrine.
  • 1582 (Tenshō 10, 3rd month): Battle of Temmokuzan.
  • 20 February 1582 (Tenshō 10, 28th day of the 10th month):A Jesuit missionary and four Japanese Catholic boys went to Rome to see Pope Gregory XIII. This is sometimes called the "Tenshō Embassy". or the "Boys' Mission of the Tenshō Period" (Tenshō Shōnen Shisetsu).
  • 1583 (Tenshō 11, 4th month): Battle of Shizugatake.
  • 1583 (Tenshō 12, 4th month): Battle of Komaki and Nagakute.
  • 1584 (Tenshō 13, 7th month): Toyotomi Hideyoshi is named kampaku by Emperor Ōgimachi.
  • 17 December 1586 (Tenshō 14, 7th day of the 11th month): Emperor Ogimachi abdicated; and his grandson received the succession (senso). Soon after, Emperor Go-Yōzei's role as monarch was confirmed (sokui).
  • 1586 (Tenshō 14, 12th month): A marriage is arranged between the youngest sister of Hideyoshi and Tokugawa Ieyasu.
  • 1586 (Tenshō 14, 12th month): The kampaku, Toyotomi Hideyoshi, was nominated to be Daijō-daijin.
  • 1587 (Tenshō 15): Gold or silver coins called Tenshō-tsūhō were minted. The gold coins (Tenshō-ōban) were oval shaped.

In 1589-1590 (in the 23rd year of the reign of King Seonjo of Joseon), a diplomatic mission led by Hwang Yun-gil was sent to Japan. The Joseon ambassador was received by Hideyoshi.

The Tenshō era as shown in a Japnese classic film

In popular culture

The fictional plot of the classic Akira Kurosawa film The Seven Samurai takes place in the 15th year of Tenshō.

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