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Thaumatogryllus cavicola
Scientific classification e
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Class: Insecta
Order: Orthoptera
Suborder: Ensifera
Family: Gryllidae
Tribe: Xabeini
Genus: Thaumatogryllus

Thaumatogryllus is a genus of crickets in the family Gryllidae. It currently consists of four species, all of which are endemic to Hawaiʻi. Though very little is known about any of these species, it can be confirmed that T. conantae shows obvious signs of island gigantism. The other three species, especially T. cavicola, may also be affected by this phenomenon.


  • Thaumatogryllus cavicola - volcanoes cave cricket (island of Hawaiʻi)
    • This cricket spends its entire life on the ceiling of lava tubes. If it were to descend to the floor, it would quickly be eaten by hunting spiders. It likes to eat roots that hang from the ceiling.
  • Thaumatogryllus conanti D. Otte, 1994 - Conant's giant Nihoa tree cricket (Nihoa)
  • Thaumatogryllus mauiensis - (Maui)
  • Thaumatogryllus variegatus - Kauaʻi thin-footed bush cricket (Kauaʻi)
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