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The Garden Gang was a series of books for children written by Jayne Fisher. They were published by Ladybird Books during the late 1970s and early 1980s as Series 413 and later re-issued as Series 793. Fourteen story books were written, each containing two short stories about a group of characters who were fruit and vegetables living an almost human life, selling over 8 million copies . In addition to the fourteen story books, there were also three other books - an annual and two colouring books. Fisher's books were not dissimilar to the popular Munch Bunch series, also devised by a young girl, the fourteen-year-old Angela Mitson.

At the age of 9 years, Jayne was the youngest author to ever write for Ladybird Books. Her writing and illustrating has been an inspiration to others.


There are fourteen story books:

  • Penelope Strawberry and Roger Radish (1979)
  • Percival Pea and Polly Pomegranate (1979)
  • Oliver Onion and Tim Tomato (1979)
  • Wee Willie Watermelon and Betty Beetroot (1979)
  • Lucy Leek and Bertie Brussels Sprout (1979)
  • Gertrude Gooseberry and Belinda Blackcurrant (1979)
  • Colin Cucumber and Patrick Pear (1980)
  • Peter Potato and Alice Apple (1980)
  • Pam Parsnip and Lawrence Lemon (1980)
  • Grace Grape and Robert Raspberry (1980)
  • Sheila Shallot and Benny Broadbean (1980)
  • Avril Apricot and Simon Swede (1980)
  • Pedro Pepper and The Cherry Twins (1983)
  • Oscar Orange and Augustus Aubergine (1983)

A larger and relatively hard-to-find story book (or annual):

  • Meet The Garden Gang (1981)

Two colouring books:

  • The Garden Gang Have Fun (1979)
  • The Garden Gang At Home (1979)
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