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Three Creek
Other name(s) Tributary to Nottoway River
Country United States
State Virginia
County Greensville
City Emporia
Physical characteristics
Main source Confluence of Tryall Creek and Cooks Branch
about 2 miles north of Pleasant Shade, Virginia
about 168 feet
River mouth confluence with the Nottoway River
about 1/2 mile west of Sebrell, Virginia
about 15 feet amsl
Length 75.4 km/46.9 miles
Basin features
Progression roughly east
River system Nottoway River
  • Left:
    Cooks Branch
    Reedy Branch
    Cattail Creek
    Uriah Branch
    Browns Branch
    Chatman Branch
    Applewhite Swamp
    Smith Swamp
    Poplar Swamp
    Hornet Swamp
  • Right:
    Tryall Creek
    Maclins Creek
    Nicholson Creek
    Angelico Creek
Waterbodies Slagles Lake
Bridges Greensville County Routes 605, 613, 619, 610, 617, I-95, US 301, Greensville County Route 616, Sussex County Route 611, Southampton County Routes 615, 659, 308, 609 (Crichton Bridge)

Three Creek is a nearly 47 mile (75.4 km) long tributary of the Nottoway River in southeastern Virginia in the United States.


Three Creek is formed at the confluence of Tryall Creek and Cooks Branch in Greensville County, Virginia. From the confluence, the creek flows east then south into Slagles Lake. After Slagles Lake it flows further south for about a mile and then flows roughly southeast and then northeast through swampland towards the Nottoway River. Three Creek forms the county boundary between Greensville and Sussex Counties for part of its course.


Tryall Creek rises from about 290 feet amsl near Pleasant Grove Church and flows northeast to meet Cooks Branch. Cooks Branch rises near Smoky Ordinary at about 315 feet amsl and flows east then south to meet with Tryall Creek. Cooks Branch has one tributary called Kettlestick Branch that comes in on the left.


Three Creek drains a mostly forested watershed and contains a lot of swampland towards the Nottoway River. Agriculture makes a large amount of the rest of the area.

River Modifications

Three Creek has one impoundment, Slagles Lake along its course. A number of the tributaries have their own impoundments.


The confluence of Tryall Creek and Cooks Branch is in the Piedmont of Virginia in mafic and felsic metavolcanic rocks. Both tributaries arise in granite (Tryall Creek) or granite gneiss (Cooks Branch). Three Creek flows into the Coastal Plain in the Bacon Castle Formation and then for most of its length, especially the swampy areas it is in alluvium.

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