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Other names Thumkhong Lairembi
Affiliation Sanamahism (Meitei religion)
Texts PuYa
Festivals Lai Haraoba
Personal information
Siblings Phouleima, Ngaleima and Ireima
Greek equivalent Amphitrite
Roman equivalent Salacia
Hinduism equivalent Lakshmi

"Thumleima" (Lua error in Module:Unicode_data at line 15: attempt to call field 'length' (a nil value).) is the goddess and the female personification of the salt and the natural salt brines in Manipuri mythology and religion. She is a sister of goddesses, Phouleima, Ngaleima and Ereima. She is worshipped by the people for the prosperity of salt, which is a main composition of diet for the mankind.

In popular culture

  • "Phouoibi, the rice goddess", a bailad opera, was performed by the Laihui Ensemble in 2009, based on the mythical saga of the goddess and her sisters.
  • "Phouoibi Shayon", a 2017 mythology based Manipuri language feature movie was released, based on the story of goddess Thumleima and her sister Phouoibi.
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