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Developer(s) The Learning Co.
Publisher(s) The Learning Co.
Platform(s) DOS
Release date(s) 1992
Genre(s) Educational

Time Riders in American History is a 1992 educational history-themed video game. It's available for IBM-compatible computers only.


The plot is as follows:

The notorious Dr. Thanatopsis Dread, to lend credibility to his bid for world domination, has employed devious means to convince the world that grand American accomplishments (1492–1905) are actually the work of his distinguished ancestors. The mysterious Benefactor has invited YOU! to join a crack team of whiz kids in his subterranean lab at Sea Cliff Manor to help restore the historical record to the (more-or-less) legitimacy we know today.



The game "features abundant in-game help, lavish production values, compelling cutscenes and scores of easter eggs."

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