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Map of Thurston Island.
ThurstonIsland Terra MODIS
Satellite image of Thurston Island.

Walker Mountains (72°13′S 99°2′W / 72.217°S 99.033°W / -72.217; -99.033Coordinates: 72°13′S 99°2′W / 72.217°S 99.033°W / -72.217; -99.033) is a range of peaks and nunataks which are fairly well separated but trend east–west to form the axis, or spine, of Thurston Island in Antarctica. They were discovered by Rear Admiral Byrd and members of the US Antarctic Service (USAS) in a flight from the ship Bear on February 27, 1940. Named by US-SCAN for Lt. William M. Walker, captain of the United States Exploring Expedition ship Island on March 23, 1839.


  • Mount Borgeson
  • Mount Bramhall
  • Mount Caldwell
  • Dickens Peak
  • Mount Hawthorne
  • Mount Kazukaitis
  • Landfall Peak
  • Mount Leech
  • Litz Bluff
  • Mount Lopez
  • Lowe Nunataks
  • Mount Noxon
  • Parker Peak
  • Mount Simpson
  • Smith Peak (Antarctica)
  • Zuhn Bluff


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