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WHA Hall of Fame
Established 2009
Location 801 Hat Trick Avenue, Eveleth, Minnesota
Founder Timothy Gassen
Inductees 30 Players
4 coaches
6 Builders
1 On-ice officials
10 Legends of the Game
4 The Howe Family
55 total

The World Hockey Association Hall of Fame is an independent organization dedicated to honoring the World Hockey Association (WHA) which operated from 1972 to 1979 as a major professional ice hockey league.

Officially partnered with the United States Hockey Hall of Fame, the WHA Hall of Fame permanent museum displays are located within the United States Hall of Fame museum in Eveleth, Minnesota,

Ballots and voting

In 2009, the voting ballot, which had been reviewed by members of the Society for International Hockey Research and the president of the International Hockey Hall of Fame, was distributed to former WHA players and personnel, media members, and invited hockey notables. All WHA veterans were eligible for induction.

The inaugural members of the WHA Hall of Fame were announced in 2010, with 41 indivividual members, plus The Howe Family (Gordie, Marty, Mark, and Colleen Howe who were inducted as a family), making up the initial group of inductees. Eight additional individual members were inducted in 2012. The Hall of Fame also includes ten individuals as "Legends of the Game" who are included in recognition of their "significant contributions or career start in the WHA".

List of members of the WHA Hall of Fame

Name Category Year elected
Bernier, SergeSerge Bernier Forward 2010
Bordeleau, ChristianChristian Bordeleau Forward 2012
Ftorek, RobbieRobbie Ftorek Forward 2010
Hedberg, AndersAnders Hedberg Forward 2010
Hull, BobbyBobby Hull Forward 2010
Lacroix, AndreAndre Lacroix Forward 2010
Lawson, DannyDanny Lawson Forward 2010
Leduc, RichRich Leduc Forward 2012
Lund, LarryLarry Lund Forward 2012
Nilsson, UlfUlf Nilsson Forward 2010
Nilsson, KentKent Nilsson Forward 2010
Ruskowski, TerryTerry Ruskowski Forward 2010
Tardif, MarcMarc Tardif Forward 2010
Walton, MikeMike Walton Forward 2010
Webster, TomTom Webster Forward 2012
Green, TedTed Green Defenceman 2010
Hamilton, AlAl Hamilton Defenceman 2010
Plumb, RonRon Plumb Defenceman 2010
Ley, RickRick Ley Defenceman 2010
Shmyr, PaulPaul Shmyr Defenceman 2010
Sjoberg, Lars-ErikLars-Erik Sjoberg Defenceman 2010
Stapleton, PatPat Stapleton Defenceman 2010
Tremblay, J. C.J. C. Tremblay Defenceman 2010
Brodeur, RichardRichard Brodeur Goaltender 2010
Cheevers, GerryGerry Cheevers Goaltender 2010
Daley, JoeJoe Daley Goaltender 2010
Grahame, RonRon Grahame Goaltender 2010
Smith, AlAl Smith Goaltender 2010
Wakely, ErnieErnie Wakely Goaltender 2010
Demers, JacquesJacques Demers Coach 2010
Dineen, BillBill Dineen Coach 2010
Kelley, JackJack Kelley Coach 2010
Neale, HarryHarry Neale Coach 2010
Baldwin, HowardHoward Baldwin Builder 2010
Bassett, John F.John F. Bassett Builder 2010
Davidson, GaryGary Davidson Builder 2010
Hatskin, BenBen Hatskin Builder 2010
Hunter, BillBill Hunter Builder 2010
Murphy, DennisDennis Murphy Builder 2010
Friday, BillBill Friday Referee 2012
Gartner, MikeMike Gartner Legend 2012
Goulet, MichelMichel Goulet Legend 2012
Gretzky, WayneWayne Gretzky Legend 2010
Keon, DaveDave Keon Legend 2010
Langway, RodRod Langway Legend 2012
Mahovlich, FrankFrank Mahovlich Legend 2010
McKenzie, JohnJohn McKenzie Legend 2010
Messier, MarkMark Messier Legend 2010
Plante, JacquesJacques Plante Legend 2010
Sather, GlenGlen Sather Legend 2010
Howe, GordieGordie Howe The Howe Family 2010
Howe, MarkMark Howe The Howe Family 2010
Howe, MartyMarty Howe The Howe Family 2010
Howe, ColleenColleen Howe The Howe Family 2010

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