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Zapol Glacier
Location of Sentinel Range in Western Antarctica.
Location of Zapol Glacier in Antarctica
Location Vinson Massif
Sentinel Range
Ellsworth Land
Coordinates 78°35′00″S 85°51′00″W / 78.58333°S 85.85000°W / -78.58333; -85.85000
Thickness unknown
Status unknown
Central and southern Sentinel Range map.

Zapol Glacier (78°35′S 85°51′W / 78.583°S 85.850°W / -78.583; -85.850Coordinates: 78°35′S 85°51′W / 78.583°S 85.850°W / -78.583; -85.850) is a steep valley glacier draining the west slope of Vinson Massif south of Silverstein Peak and Príncipe de Asturias Peak, and descending between Tulaczyk Glacier and Donnellan Glacier in the Sentinel Range, Antarctica. The glacier flows southwestward and leaving the range joins Nimitz Glacier south of Hodges Knoll.

It was named by US-ACAN (2006) after Dr. Warren M. Zapol, Department of Anesthesia, Massachusetts General Hospital, whose long-term research near McMurdo Station on diving physiology of Weddell seals (begun mid-1970s) was part of a larger effort to understand how gas is handled in mammals as part of a search to understand SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).


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