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Zeta or ZETA can refer to:



  • Zeta functions, in mathematics
  • Tropical Storm Zeta, formed in December 2005 and lasted through January 2006
  • Z-pinch, in fusion power
  • Zero Energy Thermonuclear Assembly reactor, a British test facility


  • magnussoft ZETA, a computer operating system
  • Zettabyte File System developed by Sun Microsystems


  • Zeta River, in Montenegro
  • Zeta plain, in Montenegro


Popular culture

  • Zeta Metroid, species of Metroid from Metroid II: Return of Samus
  • Z (movie), a political movie by Costa Gavras
  • Catherine Zeta-Jones, Welsh actress
  • Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam, a televised anime

Publishing and Manufacturing

  • Zeta (magazine), a Baja California investigative journalism newsweekly
  • GM Zeta platform, a full-size car series
  • Zeta, an Australian car produced by Lightburn
  • A zeta key, a tool used to drive screws and bolts which have a hexagonal socket in the head.

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