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A zoospore is an asexual spore that uses a flagellum for moving around. It is also called a swarm spore. These spores are created by some algae and fungi to multiply themselves.


There are two types of flagellated zoospores, whiplash and tinsel or "decorated".

  • Whiplash flagella are straight, to power the zoospore through its medium. There is also the 'default' zoospore, which only has the propelling, 'whiplash' flagellum.
  • Tinsellated flagella have lateral filaments perpendicular to the main axis, which allow for more surface area, and disturbance of the medium, giving it the property of a rudder, which it uses for steering.

Both tinsel and whiplash flagella beat in a sinusoidal wave pattern, but when both are present, the tinsel will beat in the opposite direction of the whiplash, to give 2 axes of control of motility.

  • There can be many combinations for location of the flagella, such as posterior whiplash; posterior whiplash, anterior tinsel; and anterior whiplash.


A zoosporangium is the sexual structure in which the zoospores develop in a plant, fungi, or protists.

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